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Brookhaven Hospital[edit]

1. After entering the hospital, look for the map of the hospital on a board. Take it.

2. Enter the door right in front of you. (That's the office). In the room, you'll see a Save Point, there's also a Health Drink on the table near there too. Take it. Enter another door to the Document Room. There's a typewriter with some papers near it. Take the Purple Bull Key and exit the rooms. Now, back to the hallway, head to the examination room. This room is locked but remember that it can be unlocked later.

3. Before getting to the second floor (use the stairs), switch to the Handgun, reload it. After entering the second floor, immediately look to your left, two Nurses can be seen. Shoot them then stomp them to death. (Be quick or dead)

4. Open your map and head to the Men's Locker Room, you'll find the Examination Room key inside a bloody coat hanging there.

The shotgun inside a locker

5. Now, enter Women's Locker Room. Examine the Teddy Bear on the table in order to get the bent needle. Next to the table is an opened locker with a shotgun inside it. Take it and head outside.

6. Open your map and enter Examining room 3. After that, you'll see a First-Aid Kit on a bed. Take it. Keep searching the room until you see a typewriter. Examine the typewriter and you'll see note written on the carbon paper.

7. Exit the room and walk along the hallway. Nurses can be seen "patrolling" the hallway. Kill all of them and head to room M6 (the room at the end of the hallway). There is a Health Drink and some Shotgun Shells inside the room. Be careful, there's also a Nurse inside the room. Exit the room and head to room M3. Kill the Nurse inside the room and pick up some items. Now, get to room M2. Luckily, no Nurses can be seen inside the room, so don't worry. Get to the nightstand and get the Lapis Eye Key and a Health Drink.

8. Go downstairs and head to the examination room on the first floor (Step 1). Use the Examination Room Key on the door and enter the room. Get to the Doctor's Lounge through a door in the examination room. You'll find some Shotgun Shells in the sink inside the lounge. Examine a white board on the wall in order to see a memo.

9. Get to third floor by climbing up the stairs. After that, look to your left immediately, use your handgun and take down the Nurses. Keep going until you see a First-Aid Kit near a chair at a corner. Get to the big rusty doors leading to the patient wing. It's locked, so you must enter the correct code in order to open it. Remember the memo on the white board? It said: "The code has the shape of the 'T'". Try to figure it out if you want. Or if you don't want to waste your time: 1328.

10. Now, you're in the patient wing hallway. Nurses and Mannequins can be seen roaming the hallway. Kill all of them and reach the end of the hallway. For Mannequin, come closer but don't trigger it's attack. Then, use the handgun and shoot it. One blast from the shotgun should work too. (not recommended).

The papers on the floor...

11. Now, you'll see a door at the end of the hallway. Enter it and you'll see a locked box on the bed. Leave it there and head to room S11 instead. In room S11, there's a Save Point on the wall and a Health Drink on the table. Take it. Exit the room and head to room S3. From now on, Maria won't accompany you anymore. There's a key on the table. Take it. That's the roof key.

12. Get to the stairway and go upstairs. The roof door can be unlocked using the roof key. On the roof, you'll see some papers on the floor, read them if you want. Get back to the roof door (which is now locked) to start a cutscene.

13. After the scene, use a First-Aid Kit immediately. Open your map, you're now in the special treatment room. Head to the grey rusty door and enter it (the one which is different from the others). You'll see splattered blood on the wall upon entering the room, examine it in order to see another memo.

14. Now, open your map and head to room S14 so as to open the "weird box".

15. Get out of the room, open your map and head to the shower room. There is a drain in the middle of the room with something stuck in it. Combine the piece of hair and the bent needle and use that to get the thing in the drain. Great job! Now you have the elevator key.

16. Now, get to the elevator right in front of room S8 at the patient wing. Use the elevator key on the elevator and get to the first floor.

17. Open your map and enter room C3. Pick up Handgun bullets and Shotgun shells on the floor inside the room. Wait a sec, open your inventory, use Health Drinks or First-Aid Kit to make your health full; switch to the Shotgun and reload it.

18. If you're ready, enter room C2, start a cutscene and start a boss fight in examining room 2.

Boss Fight: Flesh Lips[edit]

This time, you'll have to kill three "bosses"...

The last Flesh Lip: faster and tougher...
  • Defeating the first Flesh Lips: By following the above guide carefully, you should have at least 24-30 shotgun shells until now. Shooting tip: Wait for James to aim his shotgun at the creature (not directly in front of him) before firing. The Flesh Lips have two attacks: bashing you by swinging their "cages" or strangling you with their feet if you're underneath them (These attacks can cause lots of damage. If you're hit, use some bottles of Health Drinks or a First-Aid Kit immediately). Next, the Flesh Lips are quite fast and they can increase their moving speed by swinging their cages to the direction they're heading. Remember the boss fight with Pyramid Head? Keep running from corners from corners of the room then shoot them (You can only shoot once per run and try to avoid running right beneath them). After defeating the first one, switch to the Handgun and start shooting at it until it dies.
  • Taking down the last Flesh Lip: Tip: Try to make the first Flesh Lips' corpses to "stay next to each other". Then lure the last one there, it'll get stuck, so you can kill it much easier. If you can't do it, don't worry, repeat the steps above. Well, if you've killed them all... Congratulations!