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Lying Figure[edit]

So called because it is sometimes found crawling. Also known as Patient Demon, and, rarely, Straightjacket. This monster can be found throughout the game, and it's easy to deal with. However, be careful of its fluid extortion. Use the Wooden Plank, and later in the game, the Steel Pipe. A manifestation of James' suffering.


One of the weakest enemies in the game. It can be defeated by simply pushing it out of the way, or using a Wooden Plank or similar. Symbolises James' supressed sexual desires.

Abstract Daddy[edit]

Famously known as Doorman, this monster is a symbol of Angela's past.

Pyramid Head[edit]

An executioner of times past, actually an incarnation of James' guilts and desire to punish himself. When he visited the Silent Hill Historical Society with Mary years ago, he saw the Pyramid Head painting,and that image stuck in his head. Pyramid Head kills Maria more than one time in the game,to remind James of his horrible deed. James calls him "that red pyramid thing". Indestructible for the most part of the game.