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Otherworld Brookhaven Hospital[edit]

The Otherworld

1. After defeating the Flesh Lips, you'll be "teleported" to the garden of the hospital. Enter the door...

2. The hospital... What happened?! Well, nobody knows about that rotting, bloody world. Anyway, focus on your goal: To get out of the hospital... in one piece.

3. Open your map and head to these rooms C2 and C1. Each room has a Nurse inside, take them down and pick up items as much as you can.

4. Now, take the elevator near room C4 and get to the second floor. Lots of Nurses can be seen roaming the hallway, use the Handgun and kill all of them. Now, open your map and head to room M4. Switch to the shotgun before entering it. In room M4, there are 2 Nurses, quickly shoot them with the shotgun before they can hit you. After that, grab the shotgun shells and a Health Drink behind them. Head to room M6 to get the Dry Cell Battery and Basement Storeroom Keyinside a hole on the wall. There's a First-Aid Kit and some handgun bullets here too.

5. Use the elevator again and get to the third floor. Lots of Nurses can be seen too. Kill all of them (don't worry about the handgun bullets). Head to room S11 if you want some handgun bullets an an Ampoule (the rarest healing item).

6. Take the stairs near Examining room 4 and get to the basement. Unlock the basement door with the Basement Storeroom Key and enter the basement. After that, you'll see a shelf with blood covered on one side. Investigate that side and push it to find a secret entrance to the mystery place (basement's basement?!). Oh, there are some Shotgun shells near the shelf too. Take it. Climb down the ladder, you're now in the basement's basement. There is a Copper Ring on the floor. Take it and get out of there.