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Wood Side Apartments[edit]

1. After entering the apartment building, look to your left and take the map of the apt bldg from the bulletin board. A Health Drink is right in front of you too, grab it. On your left is a Save Point in case you want to save. There's also a locked door there. (Remember that door).

Don't let yourself being surrounded...

2. Take the stairs to the second floor. Now, see the map and remember room 205 location. From the stairway door, look to your left: a Lying Figure, look to your right, a group of four Lying Figures can be seen. First, use the chainsaw to kill the one on the left (start the Chainsaw from a distance and strike it as you come closer). After that, quickly run to your right, ignore the Lying Figures there and head to room 205 (near the end of the hallway)

3. In room 205, you'll see light coming from a flashlight on a mannequin. After picking up the flashlight , a Mannequin will react to the flashlight's light, reanimate and attack James. Switch to the Wooden Plank and beat it 'till it falls to the ground then quickly stomp it (As the Mannequins attacks faster than the Lying Figures, so using the Wooden Plank will be much better as it attacks faster than the Chainsaw).

4. Get to the third floor, with the flashlight, you can now see a key behind the bars. Try to grab it, too bad that a little girl kicked it away. Now, forget about that key and head to room 301. The room's wall is marked with bullet holes; empty cartridges lying on the floor... There is a shopping cart in the middle of the room with a handgun inside it. Take it and head outside. Exit room 301, a Lying Figure will appear at the hallway, ignore it.

5. (optional) Go downstairs and head to room 210 (second floor). There are two Lying Figures inside the room: one in the kitchen; one in the bathroom. Five shots from the Handgun should knock them down on the ground then quickly stomp it. Look for Handgun bullets in the room.

First encounter with Pyramid Head

6. Go downstairs and head to room 208.(The Lying Figures have disappeared...). Your radio will emit static and Pyramid Head can be seen from a distance (behind the bars) when you're about to enter room 208. However, he's "purely harmless" this time so enter the room anyway.

7. A dead man can be seen "sitting" in the couch. Just forget about it and take the key to room 202 on a shelf behind the man. Leaving the room, use the handgun and kill the Lying Figure blocking the way out and head to room 202. On your way there, ignore everything until you reach room 202. (except the one I've told you to kill)

8. In room 202, get to the kitchen and pick up a Health Drink. After that, get to the room full of butterflies, there's a hole near there with strange substance coming out from it. Examine the hole and you'll get the clock key.

9. Run back to room 208, find a grandfather clock, use the clock key you've just picked up earlier on the clock in order to open it's faceplate.

10. In room 209, there's a Health Drink in the kitchen. Take it. There's also a Save Point near there too. Get outside and take the blue-colored door to the stairs. Use the stairs and get to the third floor. There're Handgun bullets on the handrail, take it. Before entering another door, switch to the Handgun or the Chainsaw. Entering the door, look at your map quickly. There are 2 Lying Figures roaming this narrow hallway: One near room 309, one near room 307. (They'll be extremely annoying if you don't kill them). It will be much easier to take them down with the Handgun. However, if you want to conserve ammo, use the Chainsaw instead. First, start it from a distance, keep it running until you hear static from your radio. Then, one hit from it should take each of them down. After that, stomp it, of course... (This method requires lots of patience)

11. Entering room 307, you'll see a cutscene (very disturbing). Then, take the courtyard key inside the closet and get outside. Get to the laundry room, take Handgun bullets on the floor and walk outside, again. Now enter room 303. There are two Lying Figures in the room nearby, pretend that they're not there and pick up the Med-kit on the table, enter the bedroom and pick up Handgun bullets on the broken bed. Get back to the kitchen and take the Health Drink. Finally, exit the room.

12. Get to the other end of the hallway (not the metal bars), ignore the Lying Figure (This hallway is wide enough for you to run away from it without taking any damage), you'll see an old white door, leading to the stairs. Enter it and descend to the first floor. Open your map, head to room 107 and take the Canned Juice there. Now get out of the apartment building through the big blue front door and re-enter it by going to the left, enter the doors near the entrance to the apartment building.

Tricking the Lying Figures

13. Recall the door which was locked when you first arrived at the apartment building. (Step 1). Now use the key you've picked up earlier (Courtyard Key) and head outside. There is a big empty pool with 3 Lying Figures and a baby carriage (weird) inside it. You can shoot them if you want. However, the fastest way is to lure them to a corner of a pool, then quickly run to the baby carriage and get the Coin (Snake). P/s: Get to the second floor (the building where you first arrived). Get to the laundry room, throw the Canned Juice into the garbage chute, a loud noise can be heard. Go outside and head to the trash shoot exit, take the Coin (Old Man) and an article about Walter Sullivan.

14, Leave the pool, open your map and head to room 101. There are 3-4 Lying Figures roaming the (quite narrow) hallway. Running away is the best tactic. Now enter room 101. In room 101, try to find Handgun bullets and take them. Now, find the one who is vomiting in the bathroom of the room. Oh! It's Eddie! Now, open your map, leave the room and get to the stairs...

15. Get to room 208 by going through room 209. Recall the locked fire escape on this floor. Use the fire escape key to open it. Enter the door and you'll be in Blue Creek Apartments.