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The first stage of the game is obviously easier, but there's still plenty of surprises and the stage starts with an early attack.


Stage 1 - Arcade version

In the arcade version, enemy attacks appear at the following times:

  • 0:01: Four helicopters on the top, and one ground missile launcher.
  • 0:06: Four helicopters approaching in a spread, shortly followed by three ground missile launchers, finishing with four helicopters approaching in the middle.
  • 0:15: Ground installation, followed by five helicopters spread in the middle, and one tank.
  • 0:20: Eight helicopters in the middle, one landmine and one tank.
  • 0:27: Four helicopters, one land mine.

If you've generally been destroying most targets, the snakehead should arrive by now.

  • 0:30: One helicopter.
  • 0:40: Five helicopters, one of which attacks from behind. A ground 3-way missile turret also appears.
  • 0:48: As you reach the bridge, four helicopters in a wall, a silo, a tank and another silo. Eight tanks are then air-dropped from above.
  • 0:58: Indestructible missile launcher on the bridge, and two slow helicopters above.
  • 1:03: Land mine, and four helicopters from the middle going to the top.
  • 1:06: Five helicopters, one attacking from behind, the rest from the front. One land mine.
  • 1:14: Two slow helicopters on top, landmine at bottom. Leads to two AA tanks, 10 helicopters from low to top, two missile launcher turrets
  • 1:25: One helicopter that shoots in eight directions, above a land mine.
  • 1:30: One helicopter on top, three more from low to high.
Stage 1 Boss

The first boss is rather feeble, firing occasional missiles, and two regular shots in series. The mines it drops only serve to distract the jeep.