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Home Computer cheats[edit]

On most home computer systems, you can hold Shift while typing FUND to receive $10000. However, every fifth use of the cheat will cause a major earthquake. Restarting or reloading the game makes the cheat safe to use, as the earthquake only occurs on every fifth usage.

SNES Cheats and Tricks[edit]

Become a Millionaire (almost)[edit]

Near the end of the year, spend nearly all money. It is important to have a small amount of money remaining but more than zero dollars (buying parkland until about seven dollars or so remain is perfect). Have the city's transportation, police, and fire funds set to %100, and wait until the end of December. Hold L Button while reducing the city's transportation, police, and fire funds, as well as the tax rate, to 0%. While still holding L Button, select Go With Figures. Back on the map view, immediately go and adjust the transportation, police, and fire funds to 100%. If done correctly, the Current Funds in the equation at the bottom will drop to a negative figure. Select Go With Figures, and exit the menus. When L Button is released, the funds should jump from zero to $999,999.

Reducing Pollution[edit]

Airports add a huge amount of pollution to any city, but are nonetheless essential to development. Simply isolating an airport from the rest of the city becomes impossible as the city grows, but there is a simple trick to reduce the pollution produced by an airport. After an airport exists, wait until an airplane takes off (if your city is already built and an airplane is in the sky, just save and then load the game and wait until another airplane takes off). As soon as the airplane begins to take off, when it can still be seen on the runway and just as the airplane sound effect is playing, go to the disaster menu and choose the airplane crash disaster. When the menu is exited, the plane will immediately crash, and if done correctly the airport will become a field of fire. Hastily build fire departments around the inferno (don't forget to provide the new FD's with electricity!) and wait until the fire is out. Usually, the airport will remain as one or two small squares of property, and the rest will have burned away. The fire departments can be demolished, and the burned area of the airport can be built upon with anything. The remaining piece(s) of airport will function just like a full-sized airport, but will produce drastically less pollution.