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Disasters are things that sometimes shape your landscape before making a city.

The following disasters are:

  • Volcano: a volcano starts with the selected land rising up then the middle is a hole which creates the lava and magma.Then later on,lava will spread throughout the land.Trees and buildings will get on fire while the buildings too close to the selected land will get destroyed instantly.
  • Fire: can be triggered by a high flammable building or in the disasters tool.Fire is the only disaster to be cured:By the fire department.If the fire department can't get there in time,the building will collapse and destroyed.
  • Meteors: these fly from mid-air into the ground, destroying a few buildings. It is also one of the disasters you can control while it is flying.
  • Robot attack: the deadliest disaster among all. Shooting dangerous disk that destroys buildings at a long distance and stomps on buildings. A small town is destroyed by just one robot.
  • Lighting: this is like fire only one tip: if fired on one building, it instantly spreads to others (unlike lightning, fire needs time).
  • Earthquake: this disaster is quite dangerous. It will show the fault line after the disaster.
  • Tornado
  • Autosaurus Rex:a robot dinosaur that is pure destruction. destroys entire neighborhoods with a single step. however, it only lasts about 30 seconds.