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Terraforming tools[edit]

These tools help you make a perfect sculpture for your city.

You can make mountains, valleys and lots. These tools includes trees, leveling land and animals

Wind tools[edit]

This changes the shape of the landscape.


This causes the land to be more slopy


This causes the land to be more smooth

Level up[edit]

This causes the entire land to higher more.

Level down[edit]

Opposite of level up.

Reconile tools[edit]

This is needed when cities are not matching neighboring cities. This makes it more realistic.


(Check the disasters article to see the entire thing)

Day and night cycle[edit]

This causes permanent day,nigh or 24-hour cycle

When in mayor mode,a new option is available:

Obliterate city[edit]

Lights start to fall down into the city, later on the game shakes and then,the screen will flash white and then later, it will be all white then a few seconds(or many), the city is destroyed and you return to god mode.