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A quick tutorial guide with some basic concepts.

Mayor tutorial[edit]


Pause the game first(optional). Zone only low residential, commercial and agriculture.


1.There is a limit to how large you can make a zone. Larger zones can be created by creating a zone of maximum size and placing another zone along side it.

2.Buildings will develop overtime if there is demand.

You can upgrade the density of a zone without demolishing existing buildings. Existing buildings will be replaced as demand for that zone type increases.


Buildings require power to operate. Buildings receive power either by being directly adjacent to a powered structure or power lines connected to a power plant.

Wind and Solar power is cleaner, but can be more expensive and generally provide less power per unit occupied (they take more space to provide the same power output as other methods). While coal and oil power plants offer higher efficiency at the cost of generating more pollution.

Nuclear power becomes available when you reach a high population. It is clean and efficient but comes with the risk of having a meltdown. A meltdown can make your city a very undesirable place to live.


Water works similar to power. Sims don't want to live or work in structures that don't have running water. Water is generated at water towers and water pumps (pumps must be located near bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, or oceans). Unlike power, water is not automatically provided to buildings by proximity. Instead water is supplied to building via underground pipes.

Your advisers will inform you if the water supply become polluted by dirty power or industrial zoning. Dirty water can be remedied by placing water treatment plants along the water supply lines.


Garbage centers only put out 10% of the trash so put in a landfill far away from the center.

Civic:Police and fire departments[edit]

Avoid plopping in a jail until your population is at least 50,000.

Putting stations in the right places will make your city smile

Civic:Education systems[edit]

Put in all 3 schools so you don't have to happen no adults educated.

Libraries and museums educate older people(And it does!)


Put in clinics and hospitals together to have a healthy city


Unless you are copying a name from a real life city from the landmarks,put in a combination of landmarks together to boost the mayor rating a little.


City size means population

Did you know that casinos are good when you put in the radical ordinance mod V.02 at simtropolis?

Transportation:Roads and streets[edit]

Places with high congestion,upgrade them to roads.IF IT'S roads,try another way to getting to the location.


Highways have a capacity to a 1,000 cars.

When putting a road under a highway,a window pops up saying that you accept to build an overpass.

Same as above for putting highways above each other asking you to build a clover highway intersection.


If a rail happens to be in the industrial zones,you don't need the pick up since the buildings can do it also.


It's optional to use subways.

Subways have a higher capacity than trains.


If the airports efficiency degrades, Jemil Herds will ask you to upgrade them to medium then upgrade to large.

God mode tutorial is coming soon.