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So,with the new generation of sim city 4,rush hour,there are new features.

This part is talking about the new sim mode features.

What are in their words and their mind?[edit]

At sim city 4,you just only want to know what they're thinking going through sim mode,click a sim and check the messages.The new way is that you don't even go through checking their messages in words!Now you can know what they are doing,thinking and more with the new icons.Those who played sims,sims 2,makin' magic etc.May recognize some of the icons.

As also,they are 3 types of balloons.The 1st one takes place on agreement and the icon is green.The 2nd balloon is complaining with the red icon.The 3rd is nrutral.To what they are thinking in black icons.

TRIVIA:There is a strange feeling that icons appear on radioactive things.

New buttons![edit]

2 new buttons have arrived with the sim mode.They are microphone tool and U-drive it.The microphone tool can not be just telling what your sims are talking or thinking about but to the whole people who are on the sidewalk and in the cars.U-drive it button is taking place to driving their sims to one place to another.U-drive it is more clearly explained in its main page.

3 panels are better then 2![edit]

Also,there is a new panel:The transportation panel.The following options are:

Dispatching no fire or police.[edit]

You can now dispatch your sim to a place like the fire and police department.You can check your kid in school,go to work and more!

Driving someone's vehicle is now not illegal![edit]

Now with the UDI mode,you can drive your sims car!But be careful or you need to pay the car of a damage!You can also take sim to a UDI mission!

Choosing a car is now free![edit]

This is yet an exciting time to choose your sim a car.Depending on its wealth,you will have a number of cars to choose.If the wealth is just $,you can only take cars from the $ section while high wealth sims can take any car!

What's your stylish walk?[edit]

Not even just those,you can also take your sim on different kinds of how he gets from A to B!

If the house is too old,try another.[edit]

So,the changing from a house to another is now available!If there is a new mansion,you can change from your boring cottage to the clean mansion!

No promotion?Here is a promotion![edit]

Now,you can also change the sim's job!If your sim is a worker at a burner,you can change his place as a CEO of the kusin motors!

The oldest sim feature...[edit]

Is the evict the sim button.The button is unchanged so you can still evict the sim out in the original way!

So,this is all the features happen in rush hour.Buy this game!