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This article talks about the transportation of rush hour

Transportation history[edit]

So far,everything has a history.Look at the history:

Simcity: Roads Bridges

Simcity 2000: Roads Bridges Streets

Simcity 3000: Roads Streets Bridges Diagonal roads

Simcity 4: Trains Roads Streets Bridges Diagonal roads Subways Highways


So,the new generation of transportation is cool so we start off with avenues.Avenues are 2 roads together with a middle depending on the zone wealth.

It has the transition to get to highway.


Rather then the cloverleaf,there are T-intersections giving you a feeling of more highways.

Elevated railways and monorails[edit]

Elevated railways are diffrent then ground railways.Its cheaper and places above the ground.

Monorails are new to the simcity series.It brings you lots of simleons.

One-way roads[edit]

These kinds of roads feed up traffic problems.


There are more than 5 bridges for rush hour.

So this covers things at the end.