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So you have brought the values of prosperity to your city—everyone here will want money, money and more money. In this city, citizens work at corporate buildings then go out to purchase luxury items for their houses including cars, furniture and more. Expect towering skyscrapers, executives walking through the streets, and lots of retail shops.

Getting started[edit]

Starting a capitalist city can be quick, as many work places can provide high amounts of prosperity, but be careful, your homes and venues can drain it very easily. The office buildings can be very enticing, but remember that they generate slumlords and, while they slightly increase your housing capacities, they also make your building more flammable and your Sims more prone to illness (though it must be said that hospitals are usually good enough to keep everything under control). You can try providing private homes for everyone near work places. They have the plus of letting your Sims buy enhancements for their luxurious homes. The offices need productivity, so it's suggested that you use decoration or venues to generate additional productivity. Steer clear of slum buildings, however, as they are unsightly in your prosperous city.

Advanced strategies[edit]

Grow your city by growing the buildings. Many highrises can lead to traffic jams and venue shortages, as bigger venues need more people, so you must keep up the venues and keep traffic running smoothly so your corporate associates will worker happily. Sometimes many smaller venues are better than the bigger ones, and the biggest skyscrapers will often require the knowledge to build them also. Usually your best sources of prosperity will be the skyscraper buildings, so be ready for the hordes of slumlords flowing to "expand" your properties. Next the consultants will often appear, and though they fire people, who cares—they'll get other jobs and your profits will be bigger.

Creative suggestions[edit]

Of course you can mix the values. Try out a corporate police state (that's why the Corporate One and the Corporate Hive exist) but beware, being a corporate police state is harder than it looks. There are many other options but the difference is more blurred, such as between The Roaring Twenties (capitalist/productivity?) and European Metropolis (capitalist/creative?).