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Industrial cities, the place centred on work and exporting. A Sim’s happiness goes down dramatically fast, so if you don't care about a cities look, it is suggested to put in fun city venues so your Sims can produce more material. As the city grows more Industrial in theme, it resembles something out a 20's/30's film.

Housing in the industrial city[edit]

With slum apartments, run down tenants and pretty bad apartments affecting Sims negatively, always keep venues close or there is a high probability that Sims will go rogue - shutting down business and quickly ruining your city. This is in contrast to the well to do side of town which relies on productivity. Buildings like Office Buildings help produce Prosperity but are very vulnerable to being shut down if the Prosperity Social Energy isn't sufficient to cover the massive boost. When you reach 80 productivity, you can replace newcomers with Housing Projects which do not generate undesirability but provides a good amount of workers and 2 Productivity per building. However, Housing Projects also generate burglars which can steal private upgrades from Private Housing, reducing the happiness of Private Housing.


Production Drive, Production Drive, Production Drive. The major moneymakers in an industrial city are the production drive skill. At first these workplaces have 5 day workday buildings which means you need a perfect attendance to ensure at the end of every Friday your building is ready to ship out whatever they are making. They are also an eyesore and should be built near run down buildings to ensure a nearby workplace and venue access.

A sad fact of life in the Industrial city is to have a surplus population for the sake of replacing workers that get arrested from being rogue or playing hooky. It also provides some backup society energy in case a workplace was shutdown and you need productivity to run it until the protest ends.

Once you hit 100 productivity, you will unlock corrupt police stations which will give you income based on the crime rate of criminals. This allows you to exploit the venues for all their worth as most of them will spawn criminals.


Most if not all of the major venues for a worker in the industrial City are alcohol related. There are dives and speakeasys to quench the thirst of a laborer, gambling venues to gamble away their earnings, and the good side of town where they enjoy a possibly peaceful suburban life. Balancing out the venues to make sure they don't touch the nice part of town is the hard part. Due to the increased amount of pick-pocketing thieves, drunk sims will find themselves quickly robbed of what's left of their savings.

Power Usage[edit]

With all the jobs in an industrial city it takes up a lot of power, for this you have two options.

  1. Super coal plant which produces the most energy in the game with a high co2 output and puts a more realistic feel on your city.
  2. Nuclear power plant which produces only 500 less energy than super coal plants and is good for the environment. The only bad thing is that the building is clean and ugly compared to the rest of your city.


In these cities, not every one can afford a car, so bus stops and subways are needed.

Since the workplaces give out very little pay, this also promotes the use of low income housing. Subways and bus stops are a must. As a plus, these investments will also reduce some CO2 emission and will put all the load on your industrial workplaces. Coal Power Plants do not reduce the happiness of undesirable buildings so they could be constructed nearby.


In these cities crime will be a passive factor in the city. The nature of the Venues will most certainly attract a criminal sim of any kind with pickpockets making the biggest factor of the situation. Prisons will need to be constructed for the huge amount of protesting sims while Corrupt Police Stations will add more revenue from syndicate structures that pop up to earn a good deal of side income to the city.