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Main Buttons[edit]

The core of the game is in the three major buttons

  • Homes: Where your Sims live .
  • Workplaces: Where your Sims make money.
  • Venues: Where your Sims go to blow off steam.

The concept is this: You build more homes when you want more people. You build more workplaces when you want more money and you build venues when you want your people to be happy.

Tip: A good, but cheap strategy is to build your town in little sub-units. For example, if you're going for Spirituality, try building a Hut, 2 Chicken Coops, and an Altar, in that order, over and over again. This helps ensure balance between the three.


  • Very important note! Price and upkeep are proportional. Upkeep will differ depending on low, normal, high, very high upkeep multiplier. Upkeep can be reduced to 50% max.
  • Always keep you city ratio to 1:1:1. Total Workers:Total Jobs:Venues(Happiness).

-Missions reduce the cost of Monasteries up to $3,750. Monasteries produce crime fighters that can substitute for police because they produce crime fighters.
-Elder Council increase the income on Communal Gardens and Banks. They reduce the income of other Elder Councils.
-Baroque Fountain and Chess Tables increase the attractiveness of Schools.
-Dairy Barn reduces the cost of agricultural buildings.
-Capital One building increases income on every business building.
-Newspaper can be used to increase income of other media-building such as recording studio,software developer.
-Town hall can increase income of workplace, but newspaper will reduce town hall's income.So choose wisely.
-Alien Artifact Lab can permanently increase the Knowledge output of one building by 10%. Use this special power on a building that already produces a lot of Knowledge. This effect stacks with itself, available every 24hrs.
-When playing on any of the strategic modes start off VERY slowly. If you build too fast you will quickly run out of money due to the maintenance out pacing your income.

Feel free to add working combination's!