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The edit menu contains a wide variety of objects which can be placed in your planet, and actions that can be performed in an area on your planet.


  • Rock (50Ω): Bare rock; the absence of biome. Life cannot survive here.
  • Arctic (50Ω): Glaciers and shelves of ice. No lifeform can survive here.
  • Boreal (50Ω): Cool, pine forests. Every land life can thrive here.
  • Desert (50Ω): Hot, arid climates. Only reptiles, dinosaurs, and insects can thrive here.
  • Grass (50Ω): Temperate, flat prarie in which every lifeform can live comfortably.
  • Forest (50Ω): Temperate areas populated with many trees in which many lifeforms thrive.
  • Jungle (50Ω): Humid forests, product of high rainfall.
  • Swamp (50Ω): Hot, humid wetlands in which many sea-life, as well as land-life creatures can survive.


Sea life[edit]

  • Bacteria (50Ω): Single-celled organisms (prokaryotes).
  • Amoeba (100Ω): Multi-cellular organisms (eukaryotes).
  • Starfish (150Ω): (Starfish)
  • Crab (200Ω):
  • Octopus (250Ω):
  • Fish (300Ω):
  • Whale (350Ω):

Land life[edit]

  • Trichordates (400Ω): Tricordates are beings with three spinal cords, which became extinct long ago. They have a chance at survival in SimEarth.
  • Insects (450Ω):
  • Amphibians (500Ω):
  • Reptile (550Ω):
  • Dinosaur (600Ω):
  • Birds (650Ω):
  • Mammals (700Ω):
  • Carniferns (unavailable): Carniferns are mutated, carnivorous plants, which can occur only naturally. Having an abundance of insects allows for these lifeforms to develop.


  • Stone (500Ω): The first level of organized culture.
  • Bronze (1000Ω): The usage of agriculture allows for higher populations.
  • Iron (1500Ω): Further advancements allow for even higher populations. This time period represents the Dark Ages to the renaissance.
  • Industry (2000Ω): With the beginning of the technological time scale, the use of fossil fuels is having a detrimental effect on the environment.
  • Atomic (2500Ω): Cities which make use of Atomic energy. Overuse of nuclear fuels can cause radioactivity.
  • Inform (3000Ω): Representative of present-day modern cities in which the flow of information is important, and computers are a significant part of everyday life.
  • Nanotech (3500Ω): Cities set in the future in which miniaturisation has taken a predominant role in science and medical technology.


Terraformers are devices used to alter conditions of the planet. If a terraformer is destroyed, it no longer functions, and conditions will revert.

  • Biome (500Ω): Produces biomes in the area surrounding where it is placed.
  • O2 Genr (500Ω): Produces oxygen into the atmosphere for life to survive and can lower the planet's temperature.
  • N2 Genr (500Ω): Produces nitrogen into the atmosphere.
  • Vapor (500Ω): Produces water vapor, thereby increasing rainfall.
  • CO2 Genr (500Ω): Produces carbon dioxide, which allows plant life to thrive and can raise the planet's temperature.
  • Monolith (2500Ω): An extraterrestrial tool that can be used to spark intelligence into lifeforms, making them civilized. The monolith has a 1 in 3 chance of being successful.
  • Ice metr (500Ω): A large meteor comprised of ice that can be used to create oceans on a dry planet.


  • Storm (50Ω): Violent storms which originate in oceans.
  • Tidal (50Ω): Massive waves of water which destroy cities and devolve lifeforms.
  • Meteor (50Ω): Meteors make large craters and add dust particles into the atmosphere.
  • Volcano (50Ω): Volcanoes can be used to raise land quickly, in the creation of land masses. They also put dust into the atmosphere.
  • N-Bomb (50Ω): Atomic bomb detonations that destroy all life and cities in their area and render the land unusable for a long period of time.
  • Fire (50Ω): Fires destroy all life, cities, and biomes, reducing the area to bare rock.
  • Equake (50Ω): Earthquakes, used for changing the direction of the magma flow.
  • Plague (50Ω): Mass disease outbreaks that destroy cities.

Raise/Lower land[edit]

  • Raise (50Ω): Gently raises the land in the area surrounding the cursor.
  • Lower (50Ω): Gently lowers the land in the area surrounding the cursor.


  • Examine (): Allows you to receive information about a specific area on the map. Pressing A Button will call up a window displaying any lifeforms and cities which occupy the area, terrain, altitude, and temperature.
  • Special Case: In scenario planets, you must examine the present to open it.