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  • Load Data: Loads a previously saved game. This option only appears if you have a saved game.
  • Scenario: Allows you to play one of the game's scenarios.
  • Random Planet: A randomly-generated world in which you may choose to start in Geologic, Evolution, Civilization, or Technology time scale, then experiment and do as you wish.
  • Daisy World: A world in which the only biome is the daisy. Daisies change their colour and regulate with respect to the temperature. White-to-yellow daisies grow in areas with high temperatures, and orange-to-red daisies grow at lower temperatures. It is a test of James Lovelock's theory of how plants regulate themselves and their environment.
  • Dictionary: An in-game manual, explaining all terms and objects in the game.
  • Backup Initialize: Erases all stored data in the game cartridge, reverting it to its original state. This option only appears if you have a saved game or have completed at least one scenario.