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The abominable mines.

  • MO1: "Reach road to Hirasakai."
  • MO2: "Reach road to Dousojin stone."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Switching a track.
    • Overturning a marker.

Akira Shimura[edit]

From the way he runs, you can already deduce you're in for a ride. His recovery times and animations are quite slow, being 70-years old after all. Fortunately he has a Type 22 Murata Rifle lugged everywhere he goes, making him an offensive powerhouse.

His rifle is practically welded to him. He never lets go of it during his life, not even during his death animation! It's just interesting to note that you can't unequip his rifle manually, unlike any other weapon with any other character in the game.

He starts the level with 20 sniper bullets. The rifle holds 8 bullets at a time. He has no other items but the rifle and its bullets.

If you leave him alone for a moment, he starts coughing!

The sniper near the Custodian's shack[edit]

He's just a completely ordinary sniper, except that after he's dead (no matter whether the perpetrator was the trolley or you) you can pick up a key on the ground near him. After you pick up the "Rotten-handled pickaxe" inside the Custodian's shack, he is revived for no reason.

The trolley[edit]

It works just like every trolley you've encountered in the game so far - which is none - but in this guide, progressing chronologically and character by character, one has already been met! In effect, it's just a rolling object which kills anything instantly, including you, even though in this level it's impossible for you to get crushed by a trolley.

You get two cutscenes: one of Akira pushing the trolley, and another of the sniper (at the end of the line) getting trashed by it. If the sniper is already dead, the second video is omitted.

The siren[edit]

When you set it off, it alerts all of the shibitos to gather 'round the yard in front of Siren shack. Its effect is not as tangible as it is on Naoko's respective mines-level, the shibitos not really sticking near the shack too long and eventually getting back to their mundane posts. A thing of interest is that after you've set off the siren, some of the shibitos (probably those whose route is affected) suddenly revive back to life.

After the siren is on, you have the chance to shut it off. Its effect is not as simple as you think. Most of the shibitos suddenly revive again. Afterwards they return to their normal routes, unless they're too busy chasing Akira all of a sudden. If you turn off and on the siren, they usually forget about Akira's existence. There's some additional mechanism which seems to alert all the shibitos once the alert is heard.

All of the snipers seem to be untouched by the siren's call, except that the one on siren shack's roof, who sometimes, on cue, invites himself down to the ground level.

Other interesting things[edit]

There's an invisible wall at the lowest floor of the Mine Office. Run down the stairs after a while of running, and you'll slap into something invisible, as if a wall.