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There's a checkpoint which activates as you reach the Nakano family house.

  • MO1: "Escape from the Nest."
  • MO2: "Reach central intersection."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Unlocking Kondo's house's back door.

Harumi Yomoda[edit]

Even though a lot of time has passed, she hasn't grown up enough to actually be able to defend herself.

She carries a flashlight and a toy monkey (if you had picked it up at her previous level).

The sign[edit]

There's a sign hanging on a wall near the first shibito you encounter on this level. You have a chance to turn it to point the other way – if you do it, the aforementioned shibito's route will eventually change (as he happens to stumble upon the sign), and you'll get him out of your way. He goes to feast on some garbage.

You can't re-turn the sign. You don't have to turn the sign in order to pass this point of this level, but it's probably the easiest way around.

The Nakano family house[edit]

It's the broken down structure where you can find the bag o' laughter. It's an interesting piece of level design, with it's useless set of door, stray bathroom and lots of small step-ups.

The bag o' laughter[edit]

You activate it by simply picking it up. The nearby shibito's route changes after the cutscene - she appears to first check the bag, then the nearby perimeters. It seems that she never goes back to sharpening her knife any more after that. She stays at the yard and does a sort of semi-circle around the house.

After you've activated the bag once, you can't activate it again.

The frail bridge[edit]

If you lure the nearby crawler on it, he will crash down to the red waters and die (for no reason). You can pass this part of the level without doing that, though.

If you stand on the bridge's "frail" spot, with the crawler having noticed you, he'll not follow you to the bridge but instead act completely insane and runs around the area erratically, getting stuck at corners and bushes, etc.

The alarm clock[edit]

The only option is to set it to ring one minute later. After that, it's true to its word and starts to ring. Eiji rushes from Sanji bridge down to the room where the alarm clock is, and subsequently examines the whole area thoroughly - he looks even behind the set of stairs Harumi is probably under. After wasting enough time he leaves back to where he was before, the bridge.

The central crossroads[edit]

Nothing interesting to do here, but it's a pretty place. The small sign near the flashing light says 'Kamiarato'.