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Item Description
.38 calibre police-issue revolver "A .38 calibre revolver used by the police. Holds five rounds."
.38 calibre revolver "Tamon Takeuchi's .38 calibre revolver. Holds six rounds."
18-litre can "A steel container used to store and transport seasonings and cooking oil."
38sp bullets "Ammo for the .38 calibre police-issue revolver."
7.62 x 51mm bullets "Ammo for the hunting rifle."
8mm bullets "Ammo for the Murata rifle."
9mm bullets "Ammo for the Type 26 revolver."
Broken radio "An old radie found inside an abandoned house. Only receives static."
Candles "Set of four candles found by Harumi inside the school."
Cassette tape "A cassette tape found inside the abandoned car. Nothing is written on the label."
Crowbar "A metal tool for removing nails or for leverage. Can be used as a weapon."
Distress flare "A signaling device used to indicate an emergency. Found inside the trunk of Miyata's car."
EEG machine "A medical device used to measure brain waves. Extremely heavy."
Empty jerry can "A metal tank fitted with a pump, used to hold gasoline. Nothing inside."
Face towel "A cotton face towel, found in the cupboard of a house."
Flashlight "A hand-held light for outdoor use. Can be turned on and off using the 'Square' button."
Floor jack "A device used to lift cars."
Fluorescent lightbulb "A tube-shaped fluorescent light bulb that has burned out."
Folding saw "A small saw that can be folded in half. Too fragile to be used as weapon."
Frozen face towel "A face towel soaked in water and placed in the freezer. Will defrost after some time."
Jerrycan filled with gasoline "A metal tank fitted with a pump, containing gasoline."
Hammer "A metal hammer with a claw for removing nails. Can be used as a weapon."
Homunaragi "A Kajiro family heirloom, said to possess mystical powers. An extremely powerful weapon."
Hose "A 5 metre length of rubber hose. Found in the mountains."
Hunting rifle "A popular long-range rifle used for hunting. Holds five rounds."
Library card "Hanuda Elementary School library card found inside the school bag in the mine."
Key to basement "Key to the stairwell on the first floor of Hospital Ward No. 1, leading to the basement."
Key to chain lock "Key that unlocks the chain securing the drain valve."
Key to custodian's shack "Key giving access to the custodian's shack found in Shaft No. 3-East in the abandoned mine."
Key to desk drawer "Key to the drawer of the writing desk. Found at the bottom of the bathtub."
Key to gate "Key that opens the steel gate near the custodian's shack."
Key to gymnasium "Key to the door connecting the hallway and the gymnasium. Found inside the faculty room."
Key to offertory box "Key to the offertory box at Mizuhiruko Shrine."
Key to pickup truck "Used by workers shoring up the riverbank."
Key to power distribution box "Key that opens the power distribution box in the ore processing plant."
Key to red padlock "Key that opens the red padlock on the second floor of the deserted house."
Key to 2nd floor men's toilet "Key that opens the door to the men's toilet on the second floor of Hospital Ward No. 1."
Key to Shaft No. 5 East "Key that opens the gate to Shaft No. 5 East. Found inside the custodian's shack."
Key to small storage room "Key that opens the small storage room next to the stairs on the first floor of the school."
Key to storeroom "Key that unlocks a storeroom in the Tabori settlement."
Kite twine "Thick cotton twine from the dog house. Used for flying kites."
Lighter "A lighter with a little fluid left inside."
Lighter "A disposable lighter found in the abandoned storage house."
Padlock key "Key that opens the gymnasium door that Nakoshi locked from the inside."
Pair of compasses "Large pair of compasses used as a teaching aid in math class."
Phone card "A magazine giveaway, decorated with a picture of a pin-up girl."
Pliers "A tool found inside the writing desk. Can be used to cut thin pieces of wire."
Poker "A metal poker found near the rice paddies. Can be used as a weapon, but not very powerful."
Ratchet wrench "A sturdy metal tool found in the trunk of Miyata's car. Can be used as a weapon."
Record player needle "A cartridge-style needle taken from the broken record player in the hospital."
Rope "A piece of rope found in the cupboard of a house. Sturdy enough to support one adult."
Rotten-handled pickaxe "A metal tool used for mining. Cannot be used as a weapon because the handle is rotten."
Rusty key "Key to the storehouse. Used to be part of a peculiar statue."
Sake Bottle "A sake bottle found in the storeroom of an abandoned house."
Screwdriver "A well-worn tool found on the ground near Tanada. Too fragile to be used as a weapon."
Spare key to Siren shack "Key to the Siren shack in the abandoned mine."
Stake "A metal stake found in the heart of the mummy."
Steel pipe "A steel pipe found inside The Nest. Can be used as a weapon."
Tool to open manhole cover "A safety device used to open manholes. Found inside a house."
Toy monkey "A broken battery-operated doll. Batteries still have power left."
Trowel "A small gardening trowel found inside a potted plant. Too small to be used as a weapon."
Type 22 Murata rifle "An old hunting rifle used by Akira Shimura. Not as powerful as newer models. Holds eight rounds."
Type 26 revolver "An old revolver found in the abandoned mine. Holds six rounds."
Type 99 hand grenades "Explosives found hidden at the bottom of the well in the abandoned village."
Umbrella "An umbrella found inside the hospital. Can be used as a weapon, but has very little power."
Uryen (shield version) "A statuette of an angel holding a shield."
Uryen (sword version) "A statuette of an angel armed with a sword."
Wet face towel "A face towel soaked in water."
Wirecutters "A tool used in mining. Can be used to cut the wire securing the trolleys."