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It's the Arato area again. Now both the Ishikawa's house and cafeteria's back room are open for you. You may climb the fire tower, you may climb the Rokkaku's house's shed, you have to climb up either the bus stop or Ishikawa's house's shed to pass this level.

  • MO1: "Reach road to Karuwari"
  • MO2: "Find Hisako's veil."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Getting a rope.
    • Finding a face towel and freezing it (not mandatory).

Kei Makino[edit]

He's carrying nothing!

The tape deck[edit]

There's no eject button.

The digit where the cassette is at the beginning is random, as is the code you get from the position of 0705. Both of them change whenever you start the level anew, and this counts dying.

While examining this thing no time runs. It's pretty much like a common FPV-location in any way. When you press Circle button to exit, the tape deck stops by itself (if it was running).

The Ishikawa's house's shed[edit]

You unlock the dial lock that seals it with the message you hear from the cassette tape that's inside the Ishikawa's house's back room. But you should already know that. Remember to get the rope, it's mandatory for passing this game.

You may not have noticed, but it's possible to get inside the shed and then close the door behind you. It's the smallest room in the whole game!

The face towel[edit]

Its description says "A cotton face towel, found in the cupboard of a house." But that's where it's absolutely not found. Maybe it's where the creators originally intended to put it? Would've been a lot easier that way.

The whole ordeal of putting it in the freezer, etc. is not necessary to pass this level, or even the Shiro's level where it's supposed to do its thing.

The odd part at Ishikawa's house's shed's roof[edit]

After you've climb up there using the 18-litre can, there's a short special event. Kei's standing around, you can see Hisako's veil at the background. After about two seconds the segment ends and you've completed MO2. During this thing there's no way to get off the roof, and probably no way to make it end faster. You can't examine the veil, the cutscene of Kei examining it activates automatically after the required time has passed. During Time Attack, the clock is not stopped here.

Notice that you may open both the in-game menu and the pause menu during it. Also, as you can climb on top of the shed even while shibitos are alerted, it might be amusing to lure a cluster of shibitos right on your trail as you get to the shed. Soon you'll be safe on top of the shed, still hearing the angry shibitos from the ground level, bickering futilely.

Other interesting or amusing stuff[edit]

  • Ishikawa's house's back door is infamous for its ability to scoop shibitos inside. Close the door right after they've opened it, and it might just happen that one glides inside to your lap!
  • Play a game of "how many shibitos you can lure in the fire tower before you get killed?"
  • The barbershop's sign has fallen down and now whirls alone at the ground.
  • There's the landslide again.