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Hirunotsuka. There's a checkpoint which activates if you get near the small shrine with Tomoko. There's one new shibito more during your later playthrough - the one you have to follow in order to pass MO2.

  • MO1: "Reach road to Hirasakai."
  • MO2: "Find item dropped by Tomoko. Reach road to Hirasakai."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Hitting small shrine's door with the fertility stone fragment.
    • Having Tomoko find a key (not mandatory).

Kei Makino[edit]

He's still carrying nothing, unless you picked up a rope at the previous level.

Tomoko Maeda[edit]

Today's escort. This is the only level she'll be anyone's sidekick. For some reason, maybe to add or balance difficulty, she's weaker as a sidekick than when you actually get to play with her in her levels. She dies from only one sniper shot, unlike when she's the player-character.

She starts the level by saying "What are you waiting for? Leader?" And she'll say it again if you wait around needlessly or if you make her wait. If you ask her to run, she'll shout "Help!" or "Help! Leader Makino!" If she expects to be pulled up, she says "Leader! Please help me here!" or "I can't make it by myself!" or "Please give your hand, please!" As you pick up the fertility stone fragment, she says "What are you doing?" or "What's... that?"

After you've watched the last cutscene on this level, she'll completely disappear from the world's map, and you'll be unable to sightjack her or meet her again.

After the cutscene[edit]

Other than Tomoko disappearing for good, two interesting things happen. First of all, the sniper responsible for Tomoko's disappearance has lost most of his potency. He'll not be able to shoot Kei if he stays just a few metres away - it's probably not a glitch, but a friendly gesture from the creators. (Maybe slower players could still get shot after the cutscene unless this kind of mechanism was implemented.)

Secondly, a new shibito appears in this level, and following him is necessary for completing the mission objective 2. His route is this: he walks slowly up to the large shrine, where he'll open up a certain locked door behind which is the item of interest. He has no weapons, so all his normal physical attacks pass through you harmlessly. He can still kill you by strangling, though.

Other interesting stuff[edit]

In this level it's easy to notice a certain bug where your sidekick won't come to you even if you try to make her with "Come here." Your player-character has to be on a different elevation from your sidekick, maybe something else too. But since here you have so many elevation differences, it has a larger-than-average chance of happening.