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The mines, the last time you'll visit this place chronologically.

  • MO1: "Reach road to floodgates."
  • MO2: "Defeat all Shibito and reach road to floodgates."

Kei Makino[edit]

This time carrying the most items any character will have in this game at once: a flashlight, .38 revolver (with a total of six bullets), a ratchet wrench, type 99 hand grenades (if you picked them up at the previous level), Uryen (sword version), a hammer and a stake. You even get more items later during the level!

Mina Onda[edit]

She's looming inside the Shaft No.3-East, acting as this level's shibito brain. She still has her shovel, but it's at its weakest now: Kei can withstand up to two hits in a medium period of time without dying. She's not very tough to kill either, requiring only three bullets.

She's a very light sleeper, getting up after about 10 seconds have passed. But Kei can keep her down permanently by detonating the Shaft No. 3-East with her inside.

Her area of movement is semi-restricted. She can't enter the Mine Office (or any of the open areas beyond it) until you've detonated Shaft No. 3-East - if you try, you see that she instantly stops and turns around, also ignoring Kei all of a sudden. And as such, she can be killed extremely easily - this behaviour trait should be abused, no question about it. After you've detonated the required shaft, she'll easily follow you wherever you want her to, even to the tracks of the Tunnel No.1, where the trolley will eventually bring her to her gruesome, momentary end. Other than that, if you lead her near the siren shack, with an unlocked door near, she'll opt for entering that place and staying there indefinitely with no reason at all instead of continuing chasing Kei. (Fortunately she's not intelligent enough to operate the switch for explosives by herself.) A small final note: she can't climb anything as high as she herself is.

You can lure her to climb ladders this time around, which can sometimes produce humorous results. Her climbing animation is slightly glitched up and her character model can sometimes look as if it's sideways for a moment until it pops out to the normal climbing animation.

Risa Onda[edit]

She's lost her umbrella, which is a shame because she obviously had a thing going with it. She's as strong as her sister, resisting three pistol shots before dying. Her movement has its restrictions too. She is unable to exit the mine shaft where she resides - if you try to lead her out, she stops at the exit and turns around, like Mina in her respective situation.

After you've defeated her once, she's nailed to the ground for the rest of the level (if you had the stake). Even though she still looks very lively, she's registered as a knocked out shibito. She drops the "spare key to the siren shack" while she's at it.

The trolley[edit]

Allegedly, a spider shibito pushes it at you if you get too far up the Shaft No. 1. It will kill Kei or anything else living or unliving instantly with mere contact. Fortunately, Kei can outrun the trolley – it's possible to complete MO1 by simply avoiding it at the exit, leaving both Mina and Risa alone to rot in their respective shafts. After you've witnessed it tumble down the mine shaft, your map's "Trolley" section gets grayed out. The trolley physically lands near the mine office's south entrance, and if there was something in its way, (such as crawler corpses) it gets pushed aside.

If the spider shibito is knocked out, the trolley will not start moving when Kei approaches.

Spare key to the Siren shack[edit]

It only disappears from your inventory after you've unlocked both of the shack's doors with it. (Unlike many other similar items.)

The siren[edit]

It won't work in this level.

Other things of interest[edit]

  • After starting the level, run right to the spider enemy that's on the right side of the area. While it's still on the stairs and attacking downwards, no attacks it does will hit Kei. Unfortunately this trick does not work on (at least some) other stairways and also not to the other direction (upwards).
  • There's an invisible wall at the lowest floor of the Mine Office. Run down the stairs after a while of running, and you'll slap into something invisible, as if a wall.
  • If you explode the mine while Mina is unconscious, she, when coming back to her senses and returning to her original route, will start pushing towards the barren and collapsed entrance.