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It's Arato again, but radically changed. Gone is the clear street view, instead there is some artificial blockage all around from the shibitos' chaotic nest buildings. Most of the houses are still available, though. Some new routes have shown up, some old routes are gone. But it's overall a less interesting place than what it sounds like.

There's a checkpoint that activates as you get behind cafeteria. Yoriko is now with you even if she wasn't a moment ago.

  • MO1: "Infiltrate The Nest with Yoriko Anno."
  • MO2: "Create entryway for Harumi Yomoda."

Kyoya Suda[edit]

Inventory: a flashlight, the poker, a .38 calibre police-issue revolver (only available if got it in Kyoya Day 2 - 07:00).

Yoriko Anno[edit]

An unique escort for Kyoya. Some of her comments are different now when she's apart from her dear professor. For example, she'll not complain if you leave her waiting. Some of her more natural sounds are missing too, though. For example, if she falls down from high places she won't make a sound.

If you make her "Run," she'll say "Ugh! Don't come near me!" If you wait around uselessly, she'll ask you "What are you doing?" If you make her "Wait," she'll sometimes ask "What are you doing?" If you meet her after a long period of separation, she'll say "Where were you? The professor's waiting... I think." or "Well that took forever! What were you doing?" As you take the manhole cover opener, she'll say "What'll you do with that?" As you take the cutting saw, she'll ask "What are you going to do with that?" When you enter the sewer, she'll say "Hey, wait a minute! I think we might be able to break this!" or "What are you doing?"

The locked up gate[edit]

You must hit it with the poker until it collapses open, as was the case with the "iron fence." The gate needs three hits, no matter how weak or strong. In this level the difficulty is raised, though, as there's a sniper nearby who'll hear your whacks - unless you time them right with the lightning's sounds.

You can complete this level without touching this gate. There are several poles on the ground behind which you can go and strafe to avoid getting hit by the sniper. When he's out of bullets you can run to the cafeteria or just go and kill him to death!

Other things of interest[edit]

  • The precious landslide is still here! Run up and down its rocky slopes while you still can, this is the last time you'll visit this place chronologically.
  • You may get Yoriko killed by making her jump down from the Rokkaku's house's shed three times. For some reason you can't get her killed by making her jump from an even higher location (there's one right after you've climbed up to the nest buildings from on top of the Rokkaku's shed), unless you damage her first.