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Spoiler warning! This page contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

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The official final boss-stage of this game. There's no map available, but the navigation is easy enough to justify its lack. This level is divided into several parts, two of which have distinctively different graphics. There's a checkpoint available, it activates after the cutscene where you "Uryen" Jin into atoms.

The level begins with an in-game cutscene. If you look closely, the very end of it has a slight glitch in it, showing Jun appear behind Kyoya spastically. There's a sub-objective message after it, but it often doesn't show for some reason.

  • MO1: "Defeat Datatsushi."
  • MO2: "Decapitate Datatsushi."

Kyoya Suda[edit]

He starts the level with a hunting rifle (a total of 15 bullets), and a suspicious "Uryen."

Jun Kajiro[edit]

The last shibito you'll ever face in this game. He starts the fight getting alerted, after which he'll eternally remain alerted, knowing miraculously where Kyoya is at any given moment, with some magical means one could guess.

In the first part of the fight: he wields a rifle that holds an unknown amount of bullets within. The fight takes place at a roughly round pillar formation. Jun's normal route is this: he hides behind a pillar. Then he strafes to either left or right, out of the shadows and into a location where he has a free view to Kyoya – and likewise, from where Kyoya can shoot him. After Jun has shot once, or Kyoya has shot him once, he starts running. He runs a long way to the next pillar, be it at either the left or right, it's a bit arbitrary.

If Kyoya runs near him his route changes. He abandons his tactic of hiding behind pillars, and instead simply strafes and shoots very quickly at Kyoya. If he was running while Kyoya approaches, he stops and starts shooting back. If Kyoya is behind a pillar, Jun strafes around aimlessly in hopes of getting a clear shot. If Kyoya is behind Jun, he makes a short running spurt to a location where he can reach Kyoya better. If Kyoya goes far away again, he'll continue following his 'normal' route. Fighting him head-on is not a very good idea because he can shoot more efficiently than you - in addition, his strafing can make him impossible to hit. Jun turns slowly enough for Kyoya to run around him infinitely without getting harmed, though, in case you were hoping for some way to stick near him without dying. All in all, he takes four shots to go down.

The next segment of the Jun fight is where he'll unsheathe his Homunaragi. He strives for close-range combat, running at you as fast as possible and then swinging at the air. These slices are very deadly, killing Kyoya in only two hits. After an attack Jun runs a short while forward, then stops. Then he'll turn towards Kyoya and start running at him again - that's the only route he's got. But the sword is a clumsy weapon. Kyoya remains safe by simply running away from Jun, or even running towards Jun while he's running towards you.

Kyoya's rifle has grown useless at this point, not making Jun even flinch if he's shot at. After waiting a bit Uryen becomes available - only one hit is required to kill Jun. After that, a checkpoint activates, and then it's up to Kyoya to pick up the sword that's stuck to the ground. Note this moment of serenity: if Kyoya sightjacks, it becomes obvious that there are no enemies in the vicinity. The sightjack-menu is completely empty, for once! (This is true after you reset from the level's checkpoint.)


He flies invisibly above Kyoya's head, moving in a slightly fluctuating pace, even though always slightly slower than Kyoya's running speed. His route is simple: he approaches Kyoya from some direction. When Kyoya is near enough he'll attack. After this he's transported to a random location in Kyoya's vicinity, where he'll once again start approaching Kyoya. In effect, he can only be damaged with the Uryen. You may hit him with both the rifle and the Homunaragi, but they do nothing else but make him become visible for a moment and then change location. He takes three hits by Uryen to go down - or two hits by Uryen and one with the Homuranagi. Datatsushi may be hit only once at a time – even if he's obviously hit more than once (by shooting with the rifle for example), he'll not respond to the attack but instead just teleport away as expected.

Datatsushi has two different types of attack. The first one is a sort of special strangle: when it begins, both Kyoya and Datatsushi are thrown into an animation in which they're stuck as long as the animation lasts. Datatsushi has two different animations/strengths for this attack. Unlike strangle, the attack will not automatically aim in, and it lasts a fixed amount of time. Datatshushi must be exactly above Kyoya's head for this move to start, so it'll always fail as long as Kyoya is moving with at least a walking speed. When the move fails, Datatshushi turns visible for a moment and then he teleports to some random location. The other attack is a simple tail whip. It either hits or it doesn't - in either case Datatsushi leaves the scene quickly afterwards.

Datatsushi's elevation fluctuates quite a lot. Whenever he appears after teleporting somewhere, both his location and his elevation are random. As he approaches Kyoya, he descends slowly - then stops - then descends more quickly in order to attack. If there's some obstacle in the way, (such as the red pyramid) he gets stuck in where he is, unable to descend and somehow unwilling to move out of the obstacle's path.

Miyako Kajiro[edit]

A mere shadow is left of her, a reverie, which looms behind Kyoya's shoulder and points her finger towards the local red pyramid. She appears only after Datatsushi's around.

The red pyramid[edit]

The only landmark in the area now. Its surface is dimly reflective, allowing you to see Datatsushi's movements when he's close to Kyoya. Also, it's a nice obstacle for Datatsushi, if that's what one requires.

Jun's post-mortem sightjack-view[edit]

Even after Jun's disappeared, it's pretty easy to find his camera view floating invisibly in the air somewhere in the area. Simply go to the sightjack-mode and press either R1 button or R2 button, to see the closest view that's available. There appears a view that's for the most part directed towards the sky, with pretty normal human breathing audible. This is Jun's normal breathing sound you never get to hear during the game since he's always alerted during the fight. It seems to appear wherever Jun had disappeared. If you reset back to the checkpoint, you lose this view until you completely replay the level. This is likely because the game doesn't remember the variable of Jun's last remaining location after the reset and the camera doesn't have a location to appear to (or a reason to appear anyway). The camera remains even after Datatsushi's appearance, even though it becomes very difficult to find.

Other things of interest[edit]

  • This level is wrapped so that you'll eventually return to where you left if you just start running straight in any direction. An interesting thing to try out in the fight against Jun is running into the vast landscape of emptiness around the pillar formation. Sightjack him quickly - you can see his red cross shining in the distance. Run to the opposite direction for a moment, then sightjack him again. The cross is again at your front, instead of behind you as it was a moment ago! If you reach the exact point where this change happens, you'll be eternally safe from Jun, as he will never leave the pillars to get close enough to be able to shoot you. He just runs around, knowing where you are but unable to do anything about it.
  • If you sightjack during the last, decisive Uryen-blast which evaporates Jun, you get to see a humorous graphical mistake in which the red cross of the sightjack view remains during the cutscene.