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The last time you visit the school. It's been heavily dressed up by the shibitos, probably as an intended surprise "Welcome Back" party for Reiko. The overall area is now smaller than it was before.

This level is inhabited by Eiji, along with seven spider shibitos.

  • MO1: "Escape from the school."
  • MO2: "Find Book of Hanuda Folk Tales. Escape from the school."

Naoko Mihama[edit]

This level she starts with the "Type 25 revolver" with a total of 16 bullets, as well as her flashlight. There's also a library card if Naoko found it at the mines.

Eiji Nagashi[edit]

He's here, acting as the level's shibito brain. He takes three bullets to go down, and he's wielding his trusty baseball bat.

His behaviour is the mixed-up type. At the first part of the level he'll escape you as well as he can, with also the additional trait of only scarcely getting alerted by you. At the second part (after you've got the key) he'll start attacking you like a normal shibito does.

After you've picked up the key with the compass, he'll rise up if he was knocked out before, and both his route and behaviour changes. He is teleported at the bottom of the stairs where he endlessly then waits for Naoko to come.

The spiders in the gymnasium[edit]

There are two. They slowly circle on the ground until Naoko alerts them, in which case they'll do one of the following:

  1. They go and wait her by the ladder - the only exit from the place where Naoko starts.
  2. They come and hang on the string-laden walls. They can attack Naoko through the net, but their attacks are all very weak in this position, so no worries.
  3. They try to climb up the wall but somehow do not succeed. This results is a bug of sorts where the spider dances around insanely, stopping only when Naoko gets near the ladder.

The fire alarms[edit]

You can see them at the walls and you have the option to set them off, but none of them work.

Other interesting things[edit]

A Japanese site reports that it's possible to get the two spider shibitos glitched up into the air. This has something to do with their wall-climbing mechanism, but you'll have to experiment with it.