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There is one patroller shibito less during the first playthrough.

There's a checkpoint which activates as you reach the graveyard (which is past the church gates) if you have both the lighter and Harumi close by.

  • MO1: "Help Harumi Yomoda escape from Karuwari."
  • MO2: "Light lanterns in order. Help Harumi Yomoda escape from Karuwari."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Getting a cassette tape (not mandatory).
    • Releasing the abandoned car's handbrake.

Reiko Takato[edit]

Her inventory is: a flashlight, a crowbar and a set of candles (if you had picked them up at her previous level).

Harumi Yomoda[edit]

When you pick up the lighter, she'll say "Mrs. Takato, what did you do?" When you pick up the abandoned car keys, she'll ask "What are you doing Mrs. Takato?" If you tell her to "Run" she'll say "Where are you Mrs. Takato?!" or “Nooo!” or “Help, Mrs. Takato!” If you stand around uselessly, she'll say "What are you doing, Mrs. Takato?" If you leave her to wait somewhere, she'll say periodically "Hurry up... Mrs.", "Miyako hasn't turned into a monster, has she?" or "It's okay Harumi, you'll be alright."

While you're inside the abandoned car, she'll start sobbing (with no reason) "Please help me, Mrs. Takato! Please!" “What are you doing Mrs. Takato”, "Help me Mrs. Takato!" and she won’t stop until you get out.

Even though there are several suitably sized cliffs on this level, you can’t pull up Harumi. She’s just too short.

If you make her "Run!" near the abandoned car (before you’ve removed the hand brake off it), she'll get to the road's dead end and run left and right until she’s exhausted and looks completely ridiculous, not being able to get to the shed. Also, she spouts out loud the various "Run!" comments while doing this.


If you go left at the crossroads, you'll receive a message which will complain that Harumi isn't with you (if she isn't). Otherwise, a cutscene ensues and the level proceeds. If you look closely, you can see three shibitos there, doing their odd work. You can't have them notice you in any possible manner. You can sightjack them, though.

End level[edit]

So, three shibitos are threatening Harumi. You'll notice that Reiko's running is exhausted and slow, like Kyoya was in his second stage. If you fail to rescue her in time, (or try to approach the gang of shibitos or try to escape the other way) you'll be treated with a special cutscene where a shibito grabs Harumi. After that there's a small instant of gameplay where the shibito gets alerted by Harumi and he does his thing - and it's a mission failed afterwards. The only rational thing you can do is to honk the horn (of the car).

After that, the shibitos start approaching you. But only two are coming at you - so even if you beat them in melee (as you easily can), you'll be left with a mission failed by the last shibito who can still reach Harumi. So you have to take the unorthodox way out: open up the valve of gasoline and light it up the next available instant. Interestingly, even by blowing up the car and the two shibitos, the third one should logically remain where he is to cause an untimely game over. But nonetheless, it's level over with Reiko - 0, the shibitos - 0, and Harumi - 1.

You probably didn't notice it, but during this section one of the map's location points is greyed out: the "cart."

Other things of interest[edit]

  • After you've lit all the candles and seen the cutscene, the candles aren't lit any longer. The game says they are, though.
  • The rotted tree near the church gate has strange wall properties. If you walk/strafe/run towards it, Reiko vibrates in a strange fashion. Also, her character model seems to sink in the tree at some spots. If you get her head inside the tree and then "Shout," her voice is heard very dimly. If you strafe to a certain spot, the camera angle goes completely insane and flickers about erratically.