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It's the spooky abandoned house! In an act of unspeakable cruelty, the game forbids you every other room in the house other than the kitchen. Additionally, you may enter the cottage at the yard, but you may not enter the storage shed or the doghouse. You may climb up to the roof if you fancy, or are simply completing the mission objective 2.

In this level there's one patrolling shibito less during your first playthrough. It'll later get one patroller more at the front yard.

  • MO1: "Escape from abandoned house."
  • MO2: "Discover Mana cross."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Overturning a marker.
    • Finding a key to the Siren shack.

Risa Onda[edit]

The second weakest player-character in the entire game, losing only to a harmless 10 year old girl. She dies from one sniper shot, and she's totally unarmed. She refuses to use the trowel with the excuse "It's too small to use as a weapon". The shibitos themselves have much smaller weapons! Besides, the trowel is a weapon in Siren 2. Her countenance is that of someone who's just about to burst into tears.

She carries nothing at the start.

The sniper[edit]

The sniper cooping right at the level's exit is an actual problem you will not be able to avoid without activating the cutscene at the kitchen (cupboard falling down) or gliding. The path is just narrow enough to prevent you from running past him by his side, and even if you could, you wouldn't most likely survive that far down the road as Risa dies from only one shot.

The other shibitos[edit]

Besides the one to two patrollers in the yard, there are also two other shibitos in this level, ones whom you can't reach by any way, and with whom you can't even interact in any way. They're inside the house, somewhere farther away than where your voice can reach. One is approximately at the children's room, the other one is in the corridor outside living room, somewhere north of the doghouse.

The kitchen[edit]

There are several things of importance here. You can't meddle with any of them if a shibito is alerted, though. A way to override this momentarily is to lock the room's door.

Mission objective 1 requires you to activate the room's ventilation system. As you activate it - the whirring noise begins and the cupboard falls down after a minute - the locations of the shibitos do not reset. If you have a shibito ramming down your locked door, he'll still be there when the ventilation starts. But you do get a full health, and that's enough compensation already. Ramming the cupboard down will only alert the sniper, but he's the one you really need.

Then there's a marker to push in order to help Reiko and Kyoya later. When you do this, you lose a considerable amount of floor space in the room. But that's of no consequence.

A funny challenge for MO1[edit]

Stay inside the kitchen after the cupboard has crashed down. Escape only after the sniper (or some other shibito) has opened the door for you.

The spare key to Siren shack[edit]

It's found behind the doghouse. You can see it on the ground if you look with FPV, otherwise it's lost behind the doghouse (because of the camera angle).

Other things of interest[edit]

  • The small step-up at the kitchen is an interestingly cramped space. If the door is closed in front of Risa when she dies, standing there, she'll not have the space to get on the ground, and her head enters through the door! In some other cases, her body jumps through the ground and lands further in the kitchen, where there's more room.
  • There's a small message error in the kitchen. If you haven't tied the ventilator up yet, you'll get a message when examining the cupboard. But if you've already tied up the ventilator, the cupboard examination messages will not appear.