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It's the Janokubi Valley, for the first time chronologically in this game. The whole area is free for you to roam right from the start.

This level holds a record number of sniper/revolver shibitos in the entire game: four sniper shibitos, one revolver shibito. For the most part, they're situated so that crossing the river or other long paths of roads becomes difficult. Other than that, there are three patroller shibitos too, two at the side where you start, one at the ore processing plant's side. (Except during the first playthrough, when there are only two patrollers.)

This level also holds the record for the amount of checkpoints: there are three of them. There's a checkpoint after you've passed the suspension bridge - if you retry, your inventory is reduced to a mere flashlight and a wrench. Then there's a checkpoint after you've started the generator at the ore processing plant. If you retry from the spot, Shiro'll receive both a flashlight and a wrench. In both of the checkpoints the game acts as if you had never used the phone card or even picked it up, in addition to acting as if you had used the flare. Also, your flashlight in rudely turned on.

  • MO1: "Escape from Janokubi Valley."
  • MO2: "Find nurse's shoes."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Overturning a marker.

Shiro Miyata[edit]

He carries nothing.

The flare[edit]

When used at the scrap barrel, it causes the nearby revolver shibito's route to change: he predictably leaves his post and goes to examine the barrel. Afterwards he never leaves unless he becomes alerted or dies, but even then he returns to the barrel soon.

The phone card[edit]

Its effect is similar to the flare's, distracting a nearby dangerous shibito, but its effect is only half-temporary. This means that the shibito in question will eventually leave the scene back to his post, where he'll again notice the phone card's beeping, returning to it.

The generator and its fuel[edit]

To activate the generator, you need fuel in a jerry can, from Miyata's car. If you activate it, you see a short cutscene of the lights turning on. After this, the nearby sniper follows a pre-set route of entering the mountain hut and staring intensely at the newfound light.

The puddle[edit]

It's electrified, and stepping in it is likely dangerous. Shiro personally can't test its effectiveness by stepping in it, and neither can his enemies. Apparently, you can't kill anything with this thing this early. The enemies avoid it, and even when hitting that infamous deathly edge they remain unharmed.

The signs[edit]

At the forest area there are four different signs. The east one says "No trespassing" right where Shiro starts the game. You can see yellow rope lying on the ground, shoddily cut to make way to the area. The west one says "Forest reserve," it's right next to a larger, fallen sign (which you can't examine). Again the cut rope. Did Shiro break both of them? The westmost sign says "Gojaku Peak-> (a line break) <-Oribe". The northernmost one (at the middle of the path) says "ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES!"

Shibitos of interest[edit]

  • The patroller near the plant/bridge is harmless to you. If he notices you, he'll start running to a different direction and hollers – usually alerting the snipers in the area, but not attacking you himself. It seems he has no weapons. If you shout at him you can manipulate his routes, but he never becomes "officially" alerted or even suspicious this way.
  • The sniper guarding this level's exit kills you in only one shot.
  • There an unnecessary sniper beyond Miyata's car. If you go that way, there's a message "Too dangerous over there..." right before you get shot at.

Other things of interest[edit]

Unlike every single time you visit this place later, this place has no music. Only the atmospheric rain-effects, etc.