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It's Arato. There's an in-game cutscene at the start.

  • MO1: "Reach upper waters of river with Risa Onda."
  • MO2: "Acquire notebook."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Finding a hammer.
    • Making Rokkaku's house enterable.

Risa Onda[edit]

The second weakest sidekick in the whole game, dying from only two weak hits of your wrench. If you leave her alone wherever for too long, she automatically leaves for some other place where she feels more safe (e.g. the bus stop).

If you wait around too long, she'll ask: "What are you doing?" or "What are you... doing?" If she expects to get pulled up, she says "I can't." or "What should I do? I can't." or "Can't you pull me up?" If you leave her alone for a longer while, she says "Please don't leave me alone anymore!" or "I'm scared. It's not good to think about (that thing?)." or "I was so frightened!" or "(Shiro), I'm frightened!" or (with an angry tone of voice) "You're not going anywhere, are you?" If a shibito threatens her, she shouts "Help! Please!" When you approach the Rokkaku's house's back door, she says "Oh... it's open." If you tell her to go inside, she says "What? You want me to go inside?" When you pick up the hammer, she says "What are you going to do with that?"

She has a set of comments to say if Shiro is just too far away from her, but they're hard to make sense of because the level's background music is way too loud.

The police officer[edit]

The police officer will not be alerted in any way unless you open the front door or have the piggy bank broken. Even if you shout outside his front door, give the back door some violent wrenching or hammering - he'll never notice you in any way until you've alerted him once. After that he gets alerted like normal shibitos.

He wields a revolver, different than Tamon's, maybe different from the other shibitos. His shooting pace is more hasty than with other shibitos, to your detriment. Shiro will have an extremely hard time reaching him straight away, say, from the front door of the cafeteria if he's not reloading his gun (even though it's somehow possible).

After you break the piggy bank or have him alerted, he'll stare at the door he last saw you at forever, or until you show up again (then his attention is focused on you). You can never get him to leave from beside the table he's at, not even by shouting.

He uses certain "taunts," like all the special shibitos. "I'll find you, wherever you are!" seems to be one.

Frozen face towel[edit]

Part of a scheme to get the police officer to leave the cafeteria. As the game says, it will defrost eventually - whether it is in your inventory (where it turns into a "Wet face towel") or balancing the piggy bank between the tables.

Ishikawa's house's shed[edit]

You could close its door at Kei Day 1 - 05:00, but here you can't! It's the smallest room in the whole game, and therefore it would be very cool to practice some dying in cramped spaces there.

Other interesting stuff[edit]

  • If you try to pull Risa up from the rightmost spot on top of the bus stop she will start running or walking against the nearby wall, unable to get close enough to Shiro.
  • The Rokkaku's house's shed is still at large and ready to kill any sidekick who dares to jump off its edge. Risa dies in just one a drop.