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It's the hospital. There's a checkpoint which activates as you pick up the "key to the basement" - if you restart from it, your weapon has changed to the wrench and your flashlight has been thoughtlessly turned on.

There's an in-game cutscene at the beginning of the level.

  • MO1: "Defeat Mina Onda."
  • MO2: "Acquire Uryen."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Unlocking one the men's rooms.
    • Acquiring a stake.

Shiro Miyata[edit]

Now apparently stuck in a two-thirds undead love triangle. He carries a flashlight and a wrench as a default, also the hammer if you had picked it up at his previous level.

Risa Onda[edit]

You knew it eventually had to come to this. She wields no weapon, and thus can't harm you in any other way than choking.

Her behaviour is different from the other shibitos. Instead of attacking you, she sometimes just stands still and doesn't do anything, even when alerted. If you back away from her while she's attacking, she'll stop approaching for a moment. She screams with a very high-pitched voice every now and then, but at strange intervals.

Her normal route goes up and down the first-floor corridor where Shiro starts this level. There's a locked door there which she courteously opens, enabling you to get an archive and an EEG-machine from inside, you just have to wait a bit for this to happen. After you've unlocked the basement door she eventually enters there too, naturally visiting different rooms and leaving the doors open after she leaves, even the one with Mina inside! If you wait long enough she will go to the other side of the hospital and even to the courtyard with the sniper. She may even enter the basement if Shiro had moved the statue earlier.

She's a very light sleeper, getting up in under five seconds after knockout. In the Japanese version the scream she emits with her death throes is banshee-esque and extremely loud and disturbing. The same goes for Mina. In the North American version they changed it to the boring hiss she does now.

Mina Onda[edit]

Here she is again. She's located at the hospital's boiler room, hanging out at the roof level for some reason. If the door is closed beforehand, she'll drop down as soon as you open the door. You can't make her drop down any other way, not by shouting outside the door or even by making Risa scream outside the door. But: if the door is already open, she drops down the first moment she sees you, probably while you're approaching the door. An interesting thing to note is that she's de-alerted the while it takes for her to fully rise up after dropping down.

She takes five strong hits or seven weak hits with the hammer to die. After she's down you've completed mission objective 1.

The garbage chute and the sniper[edit]

It's a scheme to knock out the sniper at the courtyard. You get a "fluorescent light bulb" and an "EEG-machine" to carry out this vile task.

Whatever you drop in the chute will make the sniper check it out. But if you drop the stuff inside in the right order (and timing), you get two cutscenes and a knocked out sniper as a bonus. When you drop the fluorescent bulb in you get a cutscene of the sniper noticing it. In the cutscene he'll appear in the middle of the courtyard, even if he was somewhere completely else at the time. After that, his route is changed and he goes to the garbage chute and checks out the shattered bulb. He enters into a special stance for a short while, then leaves and goes back to his own businesses. If you drop the EEG-machine in the chute while he's in the "special stance," you get an additional cutscene of him getting knocked out.

The EEG-machine[edit]

Just an interesting tidbit, proving that Shiro may not be an actual licensed doctor at all. When you examine the machine, it says "It is some sort of heavy medical device." Shiro doesn't recognise it.

The room with the coffin[edit]

It has a one-of-a-kind camera angle. Pay attention to how insanely your character's left hand moves if you make sharp turns.

If there's an enemy nearby, the "battle camera" is deployed, and you'll lose the special camera angle until you retry.