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1. A brief explanation

Trying to get through a level as quickly as humanly (or inhumanly)
possible. The game offers you a convenient 'Time Attack'-mode for
measuring your success and saving scores, etc. even though you don't
have to keep it on in order to do speedrunning.
        I'm going to be honest with you. Speedrunning this game can be
55% about skill and 45% about luck. You can lose several seconds or
even die in some level because the spiders or the crawlers "just
decided" to attack you in the wrong way. Not to mention that
sometimes, when taking the most riskiest of routes, you have to rely on
the small chance that your enemies will miss you with their guns.
        Of course you don't have to be to strict about your times. Perfection
is exciting to watch, though very hard to accomplish. Just do your best,
try different stuff out and have fun. That's all anyone is asking from you.

Constraint running: 
Making up some restricting rule and then getting through a level 
as well as possible. This can be combined with Time Attack, for extra

PC = player character, the character you're controlling.
MO1 = mission objective 1
MO2 = mission objective 2
in-game menu = the List menu, the thing you bring up by pressing triangle
               during normal gameplay.

2. General speedrunning/survival hints

Always remember:
If there's a chance to run past a problem and you don't have a sidekick
with you, it's faster to run than use any solution the game throws at you.
Even though it might have a reduced survivability rate.

Also remember:
Whenever the Time Attack display disappears, the time won't genuinely
run. Unless you operate something through the in-game menu, (List menu)
in which case you still lose 0.08 seconds for some reason.

Against gun shibitos #1:
They may be extremely dangerous but they have to reload some time
too. An old-fashioned method of defeating or getting past them is
strategically strafing behind some obstacle while they shoot at you, so
that all their bullets hit the obstacle and not you, but they still remain
alerted and willing to shoot. While they reload it's time to run past
them or even kill them, if that's what the situation requires.
        Another, sometimes faster way is to trick them into reloading their
guns by appearing before them, having them shoot once, then disappearing.
Wait a bit, then they start to reload. While they're stuck in the reloading
animation, do what you have to.

Video demonstration:
1, doing this at Tamon's day 3 - 03:00:

Against gun shibitos #2:
If you get your sidekick to appear in a sniper's view just at the
right time, he becomes re-alerted, taking extra time before shooting
again. With some good timing you can slow these guys' shooting pace down,
hopefully to the extent that you can run to safety in that extra period of
time. (maybe your sidekick too)

Video demonstration:
1, doing this at Tamon's Day 1 - 02:00:

Against gun shibitos #3:
This works for all shibitos, but it's most useful against gun shibitos.
If you cause a shibito to become suspicious, e.g. by shouting, he 
usually turns and watches around for a moment. It may not be much, 
but while he's looking away, you can run up to him and knock him out.
This is good for clearing up routes that wouldn't otherwise be passable.

Against gun shibitos #4:
Your character's hit box is genuinely smaller when s/he's sideways. So
your chance of avoiding getting shot (if it gets to it) is much larger
if you're sideways towards the shibito aiming at you.

Against gun shibitos #5:
If in a worst-case-scenario, start tapping the crouch-button as quickly as you
can. Some of the bullets fired at you will fly over your character as s/he's

Against spiders:
They revive so quickly it's usually not worth it to kill them. But
on the other hand, their strong attacks pack a punch and they take a
lot of floor space, making it hard or dangerous to run past them.
Shooting them only once may clear the way for you, it doesn't take too
much time either.

If you're wielding a gun...:
Remember that reloading takes time too. Try to avoid shooting when
it's absolutely not necessary. And generally enter the attack stance as
few times as possible.

Enemy attacks:
As you know, your enemies can hit you either with the 'strong' hit
or with the 'weak' hit. They choose their attacks randomly, and
therefore an unwelcome element of luck is always present - especially
at levels where there are lots of spiders or crawlers around. (like
Shiro's Day 2 - 00:00 or Tamon's Day 2 - 18:00) Whether a weak or a
strong hit is actually better depends on the situation.

You get the fastest where you want to by running straight. So run 
prudently. Turn economically.     
        It's extremely easy to ram yourself to this game's walls, so it's
best to use caution. Places like stairways become your worst enemies at
the hospital. (yes, they're overall worse than Mina.) If you have to
approach some event near a wall, and you're in danger of ramming to a wall,
you better remember a certain thing about this game's running mechanisms:
the wallram is only possible if your character has already ran a certain
length of road before approaching the wall. If you stop running for an
instant near the wall, then continue towards it, you never wallram. 
You can manually easen up on your running when the situation requires,
but a more efficient way is simply opening the in-game menu once - the
running animation cancels neatly whenever you want it to, and it costs
very little time.
        There's an interesting glitch in this game which causes your 
character's stamina to recover itself instantly by ramming against a 
wall - in certain circumstances. Read more in a section about "Strategic
wallram", at the techniques department.

Checkpoint abuse:
Rarely, the levels' checkpoints are positioned or utilized so that you
can gain a huge advantage by using them. The best example is the check-
point at Kyoya's Day 2 - 20:00, with which you can skip the whole first
part of the level very easily. Other uses include resetting amounts of
bullets, resetting health or stamina, resetting enemy positions.
        The bad part is that you can't do this during Time Attack-mode,
since checkpoints are disabled.

Video demonstration: 
1, abusing the checkpoint at Kyoya's Day 2 - 20:00:

"There's no time for that right now."
This message means that you're trying to activate some event in the 
level which requires you to not have any alerted shibitos nearby, but 
there's an alerted shibito nearby. There are several ways to bypass 
this message: 1, get rid of the alerted shibito - either by killing him
or avoiding him until he becomes de-alerted. 2, locking a door and
closing the shibito out. The locked door doesn't last forever, but while
it lasts, you are free to activate all the events you wish. 3, activating
the event while the shibito is hollering. This usually works, for some

Video demonstration:
1, this at Naoko's Day 1 - 19:00:

A hint for using the in-game menu:
There are some places in the game in which you must activate some
in-game menu's command several times in a row. Every time after you
activate the command there's a short period of time in which you can't
re-access the in-game menu, and during this period the clock is still
running. To prevent yourself from losing valuable time at these kind of
locations, you must examine (with X) the location in between each of the
in-game menu openings. This will enable you to re-open the in-game menu
with lightning speed!

Video demonstration:
1, a speedrun of the level where there's the record number of these:
   Kyoya's Day 2 - 01:00:

Another hint for the in-game menu:
Don't open it unpurposefully. If you're running while you open it, your
speed resets. Well, the same goes for anything else resetting your speed,
such as first person view.

Yet another hint for the in-game menu:
At the start of each level, there is about a one second period during which
you can't open it. This means that you're inevitably slowed down if you have
to, say, summon a sidekick as the first thing (see the above hint: your speed
resets). However, if there's an objective message appearing right as the level
starts, the mandatory 1 second period gets wasted here without any in-game time
running. Yes!

3. Special techniques

1. Gliding

It's a term I use for a special glitch which is utilized via the in-game
menu. Here's a pretty good documentation for it, also instructions:
        1, As you close the in-game menu, the characters' current
movement-related animation resets. If you open and close the in-game
menu fast enough, a new animation will not get a chance to start during
the small lapses of time between each in-game menu opening. This 
results in a movement in which the character doesn't have an animation,
s/he simply 'glides'. 
       So what's the use of this? Characters' movement speeds
are dictated by their animations, while acceleration is handled by a
partially different mechanism. Avoiding activating the actual animation
while keeping the acceleration rate constant will enable the characters
to eventually move in superb speeds, too fast for even the game's camera
to keep up.
        2, The game's collisions work as normal only when your character
is engaged in an animation. While gliding you can sink into walls and
even pass some of them. For some reason walls hinder acceleration, so
the character's speed is not very high when doing this.

You can glide the easiest during either a strafing or backwards walking
movement. You can do it while running too, but your speed will never increase
over the normal running speed. If you're crouchmoving, the in-game menu won't
reset the animation, resulting in un-glitched movement.

Instructions: 1, start moving in some way that is compatible
with this trick. 2, open in-game menu (with triangle). 3, close it 
(with circle or X, preferably circle), then open it again very quickly.
The timing is excruciatingly sharp. If you do this in Time Attack, 
you'll see that the time progresses only a mere 0.08 seconds between
each time you open and close the in-game menu. 4, repeat 3 until you're
happy or you fail.

Remember that each character has different strafing and possibly
backwards walking speed. Risa and Reiko are the best in strafe-gliding,
for male characters it's easiest to walk backwards.
This trick is not too suitable for normal gameplay because it's
so hard to time right. It works pretty well in hardcore speedrunning,

- the character's speed supercedes normal running speed if done long 
- you can pass through cramped spaces or even obstacles.
- you can climb small heights quickly. (by gliding inside a low-height 
  wall - the character will pop up through the floor without any
- your character makes no sound while gliding, making it suitable for
  various stealth purposes.

What you can't do with it:
- avoid activating cutscenes by gliding through the activation spots. 
  (for example: Reiko's Day 1 - 02:00, when you meet Eiji.)
- avoid getting hit by any bullets or the trolley.
- descend heights of any kind.
- enjoy the advantages of any kind of movement or doing that has an
  animation. (e.g. climbing.)
- turn.

Video demonstrations:
1, Risa's Day 1 - 22:00 completed super-fast with gliding:
2, gliding inside lesser obstacles:
3, shows how fast the glitch can be activated, also, what happens when 
   gliding in a step-up:

2. IWS - Illegal Weapon Switching:

You can't open up the normal menu as long as you're in attack stance - 
probably thought by the developers to prevent the player from switching
weapons during an attack. But - during an attack animation you can release
R1, causing the game to think you're not in the attack stance. This means
that you can switch weapons anyway, causing some interesting stuff to
        There are three weapon properties - melee, projectile and "other".
If you do this switch from a property to another, from melee to "other"
or projectile for example, the attack animation resets and you get a quick
new attack for yourself. However, this is only useful for characters with
both projectile and melee (or "other") weapons. Also, if the opponent
isn't against some wall, he gets pushed away from you disparagingly
quickly. So: limited uses but potentially it's a very powerful aid.

Video demonstration:
1, Kyoya's Day 2 - 20:00 where this is used:

3. Pre-emptive 180:

The 180 degree turn of this game consists of two parts: the 'input'
part and the animation part. The 'input' part is the time you activate
the 180 degree turn, in addition to the small pause during which you can
cancel the move or do many other things which either cancel or stall the
animation part. The animation part is just that, the turn itself. You
can't cancel the turn to anything else, so it isn't the most versatile of
moves. But because of its two-phased nature, it can overall be used in
interesting ways.
        The pre-emptive 180 is in effect a technique in which you activate
the 180 right before activating something else. After the 'something else'
has went its course, the game 180's you the first possible moment, which
is almost without exceptions a lot faster than what any human could do.
So if it doesn't cost time to do a 180 degree before activating a
necessary 'something else', and you benefit from a 180 degree turn in
any case afterwards, it's always worth it to use this technique.

Video demonstration:
1, Kyoya's Yesterday - 23:00 speedrun, where it's utilized:

4. Strategic wallram:

Ramming into walls is in most circumstances a very bad thing. It happens
easily and wastes about a second each time it happens. But, it has an
unexpected stress-free side too: it replenishes your character's stamina
sometimes. The conditions are not completely clear, so it's best to try
out different solutions and see what happens (if you intend to abuse this
mechanism). With its help, it's possible to pass even long levels without
getting exhausted and slowing your speed down to a laughable crawl.
        Your character's stamina replenishes by other ways too, but
sometimes this is the fastest way.

Video demonstration:
1, Kei's Day 3 - 16:00 MO1 speedrun, where it's utilized:

4. Notes on constraint gaming

- The best constraints are the those that'll force the player to invent 
  new strategies. It is a sort of exercise in creativity.

- Flashlight always on
- Pacifist (no attacking anything)
- No damage
- No crouching

- Of course not all constraints are possible in every level. Like in
  levels where you have to kill a brain of someone to win, it would be
  impossible to manage a pacifist run. No damage runs are also sometimes
  undoable, because the game forces you to take damage in several levels.
  (for example, Kei's Day 3 - 12:00 MO2, Tamon's Day 2 - 18:00)

- Flashlight always on can get surprisingly difficult. At other times it
  makes no difference to the gameplay whatsoever! This constraint is of
  course impossible to complete in levels where you don't possess a
  flashlight. (most levels that take place during daytime)

- "No crouching" is probably the easiest of these examples.

5. Level-by-level info

This section does not go too far into details surrounding the levels
or their mechanisms. So if you need more info, or are just curious,
I suggest you check out my general FAQ - or dare I suggest - another FAQ.

If a section is encircled (like this), it means that it has everything
to do with the lesser objectives of each level (e.g. shooting a shibito
down the well), and you can leave them be if you're doing pure speed

I illustrate some points with Youtube-videos every now and then. They
prove some additional info on the level with also showing the run, so
they are very useful here. Some older videos have a garbled quality to
them, because of Youtube's strange compression dealing, but not nearly
all. Also, some older videos have been captured with a digital camera.
The videos aren't perfect, but they illustrate some cool route ideas.

If a section is *marked like this*, it means discussion about something
very difficult to do, such as some expert special strategy.

Sometimes I refer to a person called Shin. He hosts a bunch of highly 
iconoclastic Siren videos on his site, featuring strategies I can't
put into words because of their sheer awesomeness. If you're interested,
check out the end of this file for a link to there.

Kyoya's Yesterday - 23:00

No problems. One of the shortest levels in the entire game! Just
remember that there's a chance to use a pre-emptive 180 when picking
up the keys. Also, you have to open the in-game menu twice in front
of the car, which means that you should examine the car door (with
X) in between those prompts.

Video demonstrations:
1, a speedrun:

Kyoya's Day 1 - 02:00

You can't hasten up Hisako by any way, as far as I know. You just
have to wait her spill the beans... If she encounters enemies on the
way, she freezes and things progress even more slowly than usual, so
you better not let that happen.

All the tutorials can be skipped by either being in Sightjack at the correct
time or being too far away from Hisako (in at least one case). However, since
the tutorials are mere text messages, this doesn't really win any time...

(It's easy to go and get the storeroom key, you won't even lose any
time while doing it. Wait until Hisako starts her "I'm looking out
for our surroundings..." and run there, avoiding alerting the nearby
shibito, and just grab it. Run back and Hisako still goes on as if you
had never left her side!)

*There's a risky method available for speeding up the part where she
asks you to crouch with her. If a shibito approaches or attacks Hisako
right there, she won't croucwalk but instead walks normally to the other
side of the garden. Unfortunately your chance of survival afterwards
is rather small since Hisako insists on keeping yet another speech before
running to the bus stop. So this method is not recommended (unless a way
to make it safer is found out).*

A tip for pulling her up at the end: you have to wait for her to say
a certain line before the option of 'Pull up' is available. She only
says it while you're on the ground level or have just started to climb
up, so don't be too hasty here. Wait a bit so that she runs past you
before you climb up the bus stop.

You probably never have to finish up this level's MO2, since it doesn't
seem to unlock anything.

Kyoya's Day 1 - 08:00

Try to not let Miyako get 'lost' at any point. Run in slow bursts so
that she always keeps up at least moderately well. Try to climb as few
times as possible in order to speed things up further. 

You have to get the poker in order to pass the iron fence. Plus, it's
essential for defeating the shibitos that come and harass you later
in the level. Miyako has the tendency to freeze on the spot if anything
is threatening you, so you have to defeat a couple of them on the way.
You can't just run, even though you can avoid a few of them without
getting them alerted. I've seen the japanise skip the second shibito without
him/her becoming alerted. The last shibito can also be skipped by just running
to the exit with some attention paid to Miyako's position.

(You have no problems in overturning the marker. Just leave Miyako be
and go and... overturn it. Getting the screwdriver requires some timing
so that you won't get shot to death. Speed-wise, you better open the floodgate
only when you're doing MO2, since you have to do it then anyway. You don't
have to go out of your way to open it.)

Kyoya's Day 2 - 01:00

Depending on how risky and fast you want to do things, you may finish this
level either killing everything on your path, sneaking past everything on
your path or *running past everything on your path*, from slowest to
fastest, respectively. If you're fast enough you don't have to worry
about Miyako being discovered by one of the patrollers.

You better leave Miyako where she is until you get outside the house.
No point in tugging her along needlessly...

There are several spots during this level where you have to repeatedly
open up the in-game menu in order activate something. In between these
in-game menu openings, I suggest you do a quick examination of the
required spot - it speeds up a couple of seconds overall, bringing up
the in-game menu faster.

(Getting the sake bottle isn't difficult, even though you may have to
fight the two shibitos on the yard while you're at it. In best cases you can
leave the revolver shibito alone - of course presuming he had left you alone

When doing M2, the level ends once you're inside the shed even if the revolver
shibito is alive. Normally you won't fit inside with him, but if he happens to
try and strangle you, you get an opening in which you can just run in easily.
Another option is to *glide past him.*

Video demonstrations:
1, this level's MO1 speedrun:

Kyoya's Day 2 - 07:00

You don't have to bother with the barricades at the ore processing
plant. In fact, just leaving them as they are is more effective than
choosing to move them in any way.

You don't have to set Miyata's car on fire. You can just lure the insane
crawler out of your way by making him chase you. *Or, if you're feeling
particularly insane yourself, you can try to run past the crawler for
an ultra-fast level completion.*

There is no fast way to complete MO2. Do it like normal, except handle
the crawlers elegantly.

Video demonstration:
1, this level's MO1 speedrun:

Kyoya's Day 2 - 20:00

By abusing a checkpoint you can skip the first part of this level, though
only if you're not in Time Attack-mode. Just run to the back of the
cafeteria as quickly as you can and then 'Retry'. Another use of this
trick is that after retrying you can pass MO1 without having to kill
the patroller at the end, since his route keeps him away from Kyoya and
Yoriko for long enough for them to escape to the upper levels (at least
usually... but I've had varied experience with this).

*You don't have to open up the locked up gate at the upper levels. A risky
way of dealing with the sniper is running behind the pole at the yard
and waiting the sniper to shoot all his bullets at you futilely. While
he's reloading, you can go and beat him up... look at the videos below
for more info. Another trick is to turn sideways behind the pole. In most
cases (Kyoya is so slim) the sniper can't see him anymore, and he starts
reloading in a few seconds. This is when you can either run past him or
again, beat him up.*

Remember that you have a revolver at this level (if you got it at Kyoya's D2
07:00 MO2). Only 5 bullets, but even those are very useful in speeding up
some kills. Even melee kills, since weapon switch attacking becomes possible.

You can only open up the sewer entrance if you're not being chased. This
means that you have to defeat the patroller shibito in order to pass the
level during MO2. But you have your gun, so it doesn't have to take too long.

Video demonstrations:
1, this level's MO1 speedrun:
2, this level's MO2 speedrun:

Kyoya's Day 3 - 23:00

No big problems here either. If you know how to use the rifle, you can
finish this level with ease. Otherwise, well... practise. There's no
beating this level quickly without at least an amiable degree of rifle

At the second part, you can predict Datatsushi's movement with sightjack
and even run towards him in order to get him croak faster. Remember to
not get hit in this battle, since you lose so much time afterwards.

Video demonstration:
1, a method for the first part:
2, another method for the first part:

Tamon's Day 1 - 02:00

You have many routes by which you can complete this level, but the
fastest is obviously the one over the stone bridge, being the most direct.
You can make it over with 100% Yoriko survival rate if you time the
'Come here!'-command right: start running over with the flashlight off
as soon as you can. Summon Yoriko right after the sniper notices you.
After that there's either no problems in finishing the rest of the level
or just one revolver shibito, depending on if its your first time through
the level.

The fastest way to beat MO2 is to shoot the dangerous sniper dead from
up the firetower. You may miss a couple of times, but that's the price
you pay for being anal-retentively speed efficient! In order to climb
on top of the fire tower safely, you have to trick the sniper: start
climbing up the tower after you've dealt with other threats - the
patrollers are of no consequence, though. Climb far enough for the
sniper to notice you, then back away one step. The sniper's shot always
misses because of some obstacle. Climb up one step, wait for him to
notice you again, then go down one step. Do this until he runs out of
bullets, then climb all the way up and shoot him before he gets a chance
to reload and shoot back.

(You don't have to shoot the shibito down the well, but it will make
Akira's future level somewhat harder... if you just have to shoot him
down, see instructions in a video demonstration down below.)

Video demonstrations:
1, a speedrun of the MO1:
2, shooting the shibito down the well relatively quickly:

Tamon's Day 1 - 22:00

*A risky, extremely quick way of finishing this level is simply going
to the yard of the large shrine, making some noise, then shooting the
brain when he appears - it takes less than 30 seconds. The risky part
is that you may have extreme hardships in trying to reach him with your

When doing the MO2 you have to take a longer route, and it's recommended
you take the additional bullets while you're at it. When you're inside
the patrol car no time runs (since it's a FPV-enviroment), so it's not
that big a time loss. You soon encounter two crawlers who can make your
life tedious, and getting rid of them already costs four bullets out
of your 4-5 you have right now. You can finish the level without
shooting them, while taking the longer route, but you need to be lucky.
You never have to shoot the flying shibito, though. He's not a very
large problem since he only appears at the lower part of the level.
        (Make sure to hide Yoriko to the small cave too while you're at
it, if you're considering finishing Kyoya's Day 2 - 20:00 MO2 some day.)

If things go smoothly, the brain has never left the small shrine when you
get there. This seems to happen only very rarely, though.

Video demonstrations:
1, a speedrun of the MO1:

Tamon's Day 2 - 10:00

*You don't have to light the bridge on fire. That said, you probably
get driven to madness during this level if you decide to not light it.
For a succesful completion you must run straight up to Akira and shoot
him dead before he escapes.*

Another very unstable factor is the fact that there are several flyers
about. You just have to hope they won't hit you, or you have to waste
time killing them.

(For the hose, you must take a different route. Shooting Akira may be
slightly easier from this direction, but I haven't done enough testing
to know for sure.)

Tamon's Day 2 - 18:00

Lots of spiders here, combined with very intimate spaces of those cramped
hospital corridors. The end result is: you need luck in order to get the
fastest times. It's not worth it to kill the spiders since they revive so
quickly again afterwards, and you have to backtrack a lot anyway.

I suggest you always get the first spider to do a strong hit on you, since
it will knock Tamon forward in addition to making him open the door the fast

There's a trick to pass the second spider quite easily: he will always
get a snab at your leg, so don't worry about that. You can't escape
without damage. But right before he damages you, after opening the door,
start turning Tamon to the left as well as you can. Afterwards you go
and shoot exactly one bullet to the spider, then run past him. If you
didn't turn Tamon, the spider would still block your route.

At the courtyard, you don't have to kill any of the spiders. You just
have to wait so that they get away from the ladder until you try to
climb it - because if they hit you while you're descending, you die

If you avoid shooting the spiders well enough, you won't have to reload
until before Mina. And of course, to get the best results, you only
reload until you have five bullets... if you miss once, you're screwed,
otherwise you may be looking at a record completion time. Remember, Mina
takes 5 bullets to die.

For killing Mina, you should manipulate her movements a bit. Since the
level doesn't end until you've examined the glasses, it's a very bad
thing if she dies right in your way - costs up to 10 seconds of your
time. Get her to walk out of the small pathway in the middle (which
leads to the glasses), position yourself correctly, then shoot her to

If you're doing MO2, there's just a lot of running and examining things.
A very tricky part at the end is examining the album succesfully and
quickly - you know you can't examine it if your enemies are alerted.
It takes some luck, but it's possible to finish the level without
shooting either of the spiders dead. It's a glitch of sort, and I can't
explain it very well. Some of it is covered in the general hints

(You don't need the record player needle in order to finish the game,
and taking it can slow your time noticeably, since you then have to
deal with the spiders.)

Video demonstrations:
1, a speedrun of MO1:
2, a speedrun of MO2:

Tamon's Day 3 - 03:00

The only level of this game you can't Time Attack in the normal way.

Tamon's section is easy, even though luck- and player-consuming. You can
pass either of Tamon's routes without opening the in-game menu once.
The best way to explain is to show! Look at the video demonstrations down

Kyoya's section is a bit more annoying. You can skip getting the rifle if
you want, hastening things up. You just have to avoid the later enemies
with care.

Video demonstrations:
1, Tamon's route's beginning section speed idea:
2, Tamon's MO2 route's speed idea:

Tamon's Day 3 - 22:00

You can pass this level without fighting either of the sub-bosses.
Naoko can be passed by by climbing from the box's left side, since
there's some garbage in the way and she can't get to you until you're
safely up the box. She never follows you, so no worries.

Reiko has the cassette, true... but that's only necessary if you're
doing MO2, and not necessarily even then. If you're doing MO1, just
run past her and find the small alley where the level ends. If you're
doing MO2, you've gone too far up the alley! Just ignore the cassette
and instead concentrate on dropping the sign and avoiding ramming to
walls in the small stairway. The video of MO2 has a clear explanation
with it, so it's the easiest if you just check it out.

Video demonstrations:
1, a speedrun of MO1:
2, a speedrun of MO2:

Kei's Day 1 - 05:00

*The fastest way to complete MO1 is to simply run past everything.
Unfortunately speed comes at a great cost... losing one's patience.*
If you want it safe, run from behind the cafeteria. It costs a couple
of seconds, though.

MO2 is extremely easy to complete, 100% safe too.

(You don't need the towel to win this game, but the rope is mandatory,
so you have to open up the boring dial lock anyway. Remember that you
can't open up the dial lock if there's a shibito after you, so be careful
near that area. Putting the towel in the freezer costs you a lot of time
in addition to being quite dangerous too (having to backtrack, etc.),
so I actually recommend you to just ignore the whole thing.)

Kei's Day 1 - 12:00

*An insane way for MO1 is to run straight up the nearest road, past the
sniper, up the cliff. 'Pull up' Tomoko, run away! I'm not sure if this
takes luck or what, sometimes it seems random and sometimes it doesn't.
I never got it to work consistently, even though there's a chance it
could be done consistently.*

MO2 takes a very long time to complete no matter what. Fortunately you
don't have to sightjack the shibito to see the dial lock combination, etc.
Instead, you should distract him while he's having the door open and then
run inside and get the item. The easiest way to do it is IMO to drop down
from the small shrine's yard, then shout just as he has opened the door, then
run from behind the shrine to get the item, then run from behind the shrine
out of the place. Unfortunately if you die now it's a long way from which to
start again. Also, you should retry if you happen to alert the shibitos around
the place before the locked door is opened. This is because a sniper is alerted
to the place, and he never leaves!

(Remember to hit the small shrine's lock with the stone. You don't have
to get the key with Tomoko, her later level is completely passable without
it. But if you want, it doesn't require you to go much out of your way to
get it. You might be tempted to do the lock smashing only at MO2, during the
time you have to wait for the shibito to open the door, but during a normal
playthrough it's likely you have to do it a lot earlier because of the level
order. You see, Tamon's D1 20:00 MO2 comes sooner than Kei's D1 12:00 MO2.)

Kei's Day 3 - 12:00

Remember that you don't have to kill anyone but the brain in order to
pass MO1. The easiest way to do this is to run in front of the fire tower,
not too close though, below a nearby tree. The sniper won't notice you,
and you have a free shot at either him or the brain. If you take too much
time, the brain tends to escape by jumping down the ladder and a crawler
will soon accompany his wake, so you better finish him before anything
like that happens.

MO2 is very easy: there's only one choice of route. You may get shot on
the way to the well, and that will cost you a bit of time. You can't
climb the well if there's anyone alerted, so try to make sure no enemies
get alerted while you're setting up the well. The most optimal result is
that you have to kill no one before entering the well.

Inside the well there's a section where you have to take damage and kill
a shibito. You can only examine the crate of explosives while no one is
alerted, so you know what to do.

Video demonstrations:
1, MO1 speedrun:
2, MO2 speedrun:

Kei's Day 3 - 16:00

You don't have to fight either Mina or Risa while doing MO1. You can
easily outrun the trolley at the end, provided you have enough stamina
ready. I always recommend, whether doing MO1 or MO2, to kill the first
spider you encounter, though. If you don't, he blocks your path when you
try to escape the small building where you get the gate key.

You can finish MO2 without attacking Mina once, even though you have to
kill Risa in order to get the key to the Siren shack. Fastest way is to
run straight past Mina, connect the explosives, then go to the Siren shack
and detonate them. If all goes well, Mina never hits you with her shovel.
She's slow enough to remain inside the collapsing mine until it's too late
for her... While doing this, the crawlers are a problem. If you avoid
killing them, they may inflict fatal damage during the course of this
level, but as you know, killing them takes time. Try to find a compromise,
or imprison their unnatural asses inside the mine shaft where Risa lays,
after having them follow you inside. This can happen naturally while you're
dealing with Risa, so it doesn't take too much of your time.

Video demonstrations:
1, MO1 speedrun:
2, MO2 speedrun:

Shiro's Day 1 - 03:00

There are several different ways in getting to the other side of the
river, some faster, some slower. Wrench is all around useful here,
because both a revolver shibito at the wooden bridge and a sniper at
the level's exit are blocking your route so that you can't run past
them until you give 'em a good whack to the head. *You can finish this
level without picking up any items, though.*

For the last sniper, you can run STRAIGHT up to him and attack him before he
manages to shoot you. This takes very good timing, though. Also, you don't
have to kill him since the exit is so near.

Using the phone card to cross the bridge will get you close to MO2
goal and also (an openable marker on the shore). The nurse's shoe is
hidden to a random location each game. There are three random locations
the shibito hides it: 1, to a bush at the level's southmost wall (near
the stairs). 2, to a bush under the bridge. 3, to a bush near ore
processing plant.

Video demonstrations:
1, MO1 speedrun:

Shiro's Day 1 - 08:00

There's an easy, pacifistic way to get Risa through the level by just
walking past all the shibitos that would otherwise be of danger to you,
(the first two at least) and avoiding the northernmost path out from
behind the cafeteria since there's an additional shibito there. If you're
quick or lucky, Risa won't get shot even if you rush past the last sniper.

*You can complete MO1 by just running too, but it's not completely safe and
needs good timing.*

(To get the hammer, you have to take the northernmost path out from behind
the cafeteria. You just have to kill an additional shibito that way, plus
it may be easier to deal with the level's final sniper. Shin has an
amazingly cool way of solving this level while getting all things done,
with an extremely quick speed to boot it.)

MO2 does not require the towel. Just go and smash the piggy bank, then trick him
into reloading.

Video demonstrations:
1, speedrun of MO1 with the riskiest, fastest strategy
2, speedrun of MO2 with the fastest known strategy

Shiro's Day 2 - 00:00

Do your best to avoid Risa and spiders during this level.

(Getting the bathroom door key and unlocking it too takes backtracking
but is not hard. Make sure you know the locations beforehand so that
you don't have to search them during the run.)

Try to attack Mina as quickly as possible after she drops down from the
ceiling. This way you might get a hit in before she becomes alerted,
resulting in a critical hit.

Video demonstration:
1, speedrun of MO1
2, speedrun of MO2

Risa's Day 1 - 04:00

Normal completion of MO1 requires kite twine from the dog house,
and turning a power switch on from behind the house. One of your biggest
problems on this level is that the patrollers might follow you inside the
kitchen, where you can't afford to be interrupted. It's such a small room
that if a shibito follows you there, you're almost as good as dead. You
can survive the level if they follow you (if you lock the door before they
are in), but your completion time won't probably be very good. Reset if
things seem to get out of hand.

(While inside kitchen, turn the marker. You can do this after you've set up
the ventilator, you have plenty of time.)

*For ultra-quick completion of the MO1, simply get the exit sniper to reload,
then run to him. Glide past, level finished.*

MO2 is very linear, with very little you can do to speed things up (other
than gliding). The route is clear, just try to avoid one of the patrollers
when you jump down from the roof level.

Video demonstrations:
1, MO1 super fast completion using gliding:

Risa's Day 1 - 22:00

The fastest way to do MO1 is simply running to the fire alarm, ignoring every
other option the game offers. You can manage by the spiders with relative ease.
While using the window no time passes, but in my experiences it's still slower
than just running.

(Opening the garbage chute is not necessary to pass the game. In fact, it will
only slow you down.)

In MO2 Mina can be dealt with many different ways. From slowest to fastest,
they are:

6. Hiding, running away or using the fire extinguisher.
5. Killing Mina with the umbrella without fire extinguisher.
4. Luring Mina to the stairway corridor, running past her when she's standing
   at the middle of the stairs. (for some reason this works)
3. Luring Mina to the umbrella room, swinging the umbrella at her,
   running past her.
2. Luring Mina to the stairway corridor door, opening it to her face.
*1. Gliding past Mina.*

Video demonstrations:
1, a walkthrough video showing many of these options:

Harumi's Day 2 - 17:00

This is a slow level no matter what you did. You always have to wait about 2
minutes at the start for the mother shibito to enter the kitchen (so that you
can get the key fro there). However, after that things are pretty easy and

If you did this optimally, Tomoko will be drawing near her room's door.
Harumi can fit past her during this time, so don't hesitate but just run
right past her to the locked door.

(If you want to get the toy monkey, you do have to wait for Tomoko to open up
her room's door.)

You can fend Reiko off faster by not running around the house, but luring her
near the pole in the middle of the yard, then just carefully running past her.

During M2 you need to backtrack long ways to the storeroom downstairs after
you've passed the first part of the level. This will be slow, but not too
hard. Whether you retry from a checkpoint or not, just wait for Tomoko to
either start drawing near her room or get into her room, then go downstairs.
Same for returning upstairs. When I tried this the mother never left from
the kitchen and she consequently wasn't a problem.

Video demonstrations:
1, fending Reiko off faster...

Harumi's Day 3 - 00:00

Running long ways with this character? It's not going to be easy, or at the
very least, fast.

*The first shibito can be passed by with gliding.* The second fastest option
is doing what Shin does - impossible to describe as I can't personally do it.
He sort of alerts the shibito to a position where Harumi can run past him
without dying, with very little time lost either. Normally one will probably
have to resort to using the sign, with lots of annoying waiting.

You can get past every single other enemy in this level by just normally
running. Crawler at the red river might be a problem. See how you can avoid
getting him alerted at all. Eiji moves slower than you, so he's not too
hard to avoid - as long as you're not exhausted at least.

Speaking of getting exhausted, Harumi has that problem in this level. If
things work out okay, most of the time she will run like normal. Try to ram
to a wall or two on the way to get the most out of her. Sometimes changing
areas also works.

Video demonstration:
1, a speedrun of MO2, using gliding:

Reiko's Day 1 - 02:00

You can skip the first part of the level completely by just running to the
faculty room, in which a cutscene teleports Harumi right next to you. Of course,
if you need the candles, this is not a good idea.

(for getting the candles quickly I have no definite strategy, sorry. That
part I haven't played that much. Maybe in a future update)

In most cases you can just run past the revolver shibito in the corridor.
Especially easy if you're not retrying, since he will be reloading after you've
gotten the key and have to run past him. Watch out for the oft-chance he will
follow you inside the gymnastics hall, since he will do this sometimes. If this
happens, he and Eiji ambush you at the same time, need I explain what that
means for your chance of survival?

For MO2, after defeating Eiji do a small sidetrack to the gymnasium hall exit
and unlock it. Simple as that.

For fastest time, Harumi MUST always be at the lower floor bathroom closet.
It is completely random, so it can ruin a completely good run without you
knowing it until it's too late.

If Harumi was in the correct spot, you will reach the end of the level without
Eiji pestering you if you just hurry.

1, MO1 speedrun:

Reiko's Day 1 - 23:00

Many dead-end items, so you might want to consider using the pre-emptive 180
technique here. Don't forget the lighter at the start...

Reiko usually doesn't have stamina problems in this level. Climbing has some
positive effect on stamina, or so it would seem.

I heartily recommend you to use the abandoned car route for transporting Harumi
to the other side of the level. You need to sidetrack a bit to get the car's
keys, but it's SO much worth it. Not to mention this will save a lot of time
later on at Tomoko's level too.

For MO2, I've never tried to speedrun it, actually. I'd imagine Reiko will have
more problems with her stamina and possibly enemies too. Perhaps in a future

1, MO1 speedrun:

Tomoko's Day 1 - 17:00

During MO2 the game itself forces you to speedrun...

This is so very easy. Run past the sniper down your path while he is turning.
Run to the exit, voila! Sure, you will get shot at and a patroller shibi will
try to attack you, but with moderate luck and a decent attempt at dodging your
opposition, you will make it.

Tomoko's Day 2 - 06:00

You should complete Reiko's D1 23:00 first and create the car-bridge over the
small chasm for a very quick completion.

(Getting the toy monkey isn't mandatory, since you can get through
Harumi's Day 3 - 00:00 without the batteries that are inside it. But
if you're determined to get it, you have to run through the level like
normally, or use the scooter - this prompts Naoko to fell the old tree,
and you get to the toy monkey this way too.)

MO2 should be completed without the use of the scooter. Simply sightjack
the crawler near the exit and run - yes, run the whole way - when he is
looking or walking away from you. It's deceptively easy once you get the
timing right.

Akira's Day 1 - 08:00

If you don't wait at the start, you will get shot at once you emerge out
from the tunnel. However, it is the fastest way to get by, so... by running
at a certain path, your chance of getting hit by the sniper diminishes greatly.
See the video demonstration for this technique.

Obviously you can't bother with the mine cart and wire cutters for getting rid
of the sniper. There are two quick options: either *run through*, risking
bullets from up to two (!) directions, that is, if you don't shoot the first
sniper dead. Other quick option is to lure the sniper to shoot and reload,
than run past him to the safe side-passage, from which you can sneak up on him
and shoot him safely. This may not be possible if the first sniper is alive.

During MO2 I heartily recommend you to kill the first sniper. He will give you
hell once you return with the rotten pickaxe.

(for switching the track and activating the marker, they are both done on the
same occasion quite quickly)

1, a speedrun of MO1 (01:07:56):
2, a speedrun of MO2 (01:52:72):

Akira's Day 1 - 16:00

During MO2, the game practically forces you to speedrun this level!

You can trick Yoriko to run towards you, so that you don't have to chase after
her all through the level. At the beginning, shoot only the old lady shibito
dead. Then, after climbing/jumping out/off from the firetower, run up the hill
on the left and go meet Yoriko and the other shibito. The japanise have even
done this from the ground level, by shouting, but it is a lot harder to do
consistently. BTW, in the japanise route the enemies' are only shot after
climbing down from the firetower. Overall, there are several options to do
this thing, as you can well see. Try out yourself for what works for thee.

If you never shot that shibito down the well at Tamon's Day 1 - 02:00, you're
in a bit of a pickle here. During MO2 a new shibito awaits right at the bottom
of the fire tower.

The last sniper of the level can be shot to death from between Takaya's house
and the firetower shed quite safely, even if it is hard to do. Nonetheless,
the fastest route is doing this and running to the exit without any
sidetracking. Thanks to the gamers of Japan for this trick too.

(for getting the picture with Yoriko, remember that you can only do it once you
see a message indicating it at the start of the level. It is possible to do even
during MO2, if you use the fastest route.)

1, a speedrun with the constraint of one more shibito:

Naoko's Day 1 - 19:00

The only thing you have to do in MO1 is to lure the sniper out of the exit
shaft, and you can use the Siren to do that easily.

There's no fast way to do MO2. You have to both kill every shibito and push
the trolley - fortunately these two goals overlap each other for the most part.

(You can't pick up the library card if a shibito has noticed you. The best time
to pick up this item is after having activated the siren and after the problem
shibito has left the mine shaft.)

Naoko's Day 1 - 22:00

During MO1 you don't have to shoot down Eiji, unless you're planning on
leaving the gymnasium door open (which is faster than closing the door).
If the gymnasium door is open when you return there and Eiji is not dead,
you will be ambushed by the crawlers and your speedrun ends there.
Remember that killing Eiji kills every crawler on this level too. If you
can kill Eiji before any of the crawlers, good for you - it's possible but
rare. If this happens, you can ignore the two crawlers on the upstairs corridor
because they die before they're of danger. Plan things a bit, see what works
best for you in juggling between crawler and Eiji kills.

When doing MO2, shooting Eiji down is heartily recommended. There are too
many of the crawlers in the library for you to take them down quickly. Hunt
Eiji down, hopefully he's not far away - in one of the classrooms or even
in the middle of the corridor with the two crawlers if you are lucky or
fast enough at the beginning of the level.

For some reason I've had difficulties in hitting the correct spot from which to
pick up the key (needed to unlock the last door). Another bad thing is that
it's easy to ram the wall there.

Naoko has to run so much during this level she will get exhausted at one
point. You can avoid exhaustion by doing a strategic wallram. F.e. when
returning from upstairs, slam yourself right next to the open classroom
door. This works for me.

Video demonstrations:
1, a speedrun of MO1:

5. A short checklist for the minimalist gamer

What is this section:
There are countless things you don't have to do during the game, even
though the game gives you the option for it. Realizing this, and then
leaving unnecessary things undone consciously, is of course something
which speeds up your game a lot. This checklist aims for the most
minimalist of outcomes while getting to see the full ending, with many
neglects which actually hurt the player's success (or mental health) here
and there. I warn about them, though, just in case.

Note: This is a checklist for stuff you may be in danger of missing when
rushing through the game, as well as a list for stuff what you can miss safely.
You may be wondering how are some of these skips possible: most solutions have
been written up in the earlier sections. (or my general Siren FAQ)

Note 2: Please don't apply any of this to your games if you don't have
patience or you're still new to Siren. This section contains spoilers.

Kyoya's Yesterday - 23:00
- nothing such here.

Kyoya's Day 1 - 02:00
- get storeroom key (for Kyoya's Day 2 - 01:00)
- you probably NEVER have to finish this level's MO2 in order to pass
  this game (it doesn't unlock anything)

Kyoya's Day 1 - 08:00
- must close the floodgate (for several later levels)
- must get the screwdriver (for Kyoya's Day 2 - 01:00 MO2)
- must turn the marker (for Reiko's Day 1 - 23:00 MO2 & Kyoya's Day 3 -
  23:00 MO2)

Kyoya's Day 2 - 01:00
- must visit the storeroom with Miyako (for Harumi's Day 2 - 15:00 MO2)
- must grab the sake bottle (for Kyoya's Day 2 - 07:00)

Kyoya's Day 2 - 07:00
- you can complete the level without using the lighter or vandalizing
  Miyata's car

Kyoya's Day 2 - 20:00
- you may complete the level without having to open up the locked gate
- if doing MO1, you may complete the level without picking up the sewer
- if doing MO2, you may complete the level without picking up the saw
- if not Time Attacking, you can abuse the checkpoint after cafeteria
  to skip the first half of the level

Kyoya's Day 3 - 23:00
- nothing such here.

Tamon's Day 1 - 02:00
- you must unlock the valve at the river bottom (for Kei's Day 3 - 12:00
- you don't have to shoot the shibito down the well, but Akira's Day 1 -
  16:00 MO2 will be a lot harder to finish.

Tamon's Day 1 - 20:00
- you must hide Yoriko in the small cave and activate the cutscene (for
  Kyoya's Day 2 - 22:00)
- you don't have to get the additional bullets from the police car

Tamon's Day 2 - 10:00
- you must get the hose behind the shrine (for Tamon's Day 2 -  18:00)
- you don't have to light the bridge on fire or do anything with the
  related items or events

Tamon's Day 2 - 18:00
- you don't have to get the record player needle (for Tamon's Day 3 -
  22:00, it's possible without it)

Tamon's Day 3 - 03:00
- you must open the floodgate (with Kyoya) (for Tamon's Day 3 - 22:00
- you don't need the flashlight
- you don't have to use the phone
- you don't have to use the record player
- you don't necessarily need the rifle (with Kyoya)

Tamon's Day 3 - 22:00
- you can avoid fighting both Naoko and Reiko
- you don't have to get the cassette tape in either objective

Kei's Day 1 - 05:00
- you don't have to get the face towel from Ishikawa's house's shed (for
  Shiro's Day 1 - 07:00)
- unfortunately you DO have to get the rope from the same place... so
  there's no avoiding unlocking the boring dial lock there.

Kei's Day 1 - 12:00
- you must hit the shrine with the fertility stone fragment (for Tamon's
  Day 1 - 20:00)
- you needn't make Tomoko 'Hide!' at the small shrine (for Tomoko's Day 1
  - 17:00, it can be easily passed without the key she'd normally have)

Kei's Day 3 - 12:00
- you don't have to kill anyone but brain during MO1.

Kei's Day 3 - 16:00
- you don't have to fight Mina or Risa if doing MO1.
- you maybe have to explode the mine down if doing MO2. It's faster
  overall anyway, so do it.

Shiro's Day 1 - 03:00
- you must overturn the marker (for Reiko's Day 1 - 23:00 MO2 and
  Kyoya's Day 3 - 23:00 MO2)
- you don't need the flashlight, flare or the phone card (depending
  on which objective you're doing. Let's just say: you can pass to
  the other side of the level without picking up any of them, even though
  they will make your life easier)
- wrench is optional too, even though all-around useful (especially for
  MO1). It's best to pick it up.
- you don't have to use the empty jerry tank or the generator in order
  to pass the sniper at the end.

Shiro's Day 1 - 07:00
- you must make the Rokkaku's house's front door passable (for Kyoya's
  Day 2 - 20:00 MO2)
- you must get the hammer (for Shiro's Day 2 - 00:00 and Kei's Day 3 - 16:00

Shiro's Day 2 - 00:00
- you must unlock the men's room's door (for Tamon's Day 2 - 18:00)
- you most likely have to get the stake (for Kei's Day 3 - 16:00 MO2)
- you don't have to touch the EEG-machine, the fluorescent light bulb
  or even the whole garbage chute to pass this level (even MO2)

Risa's Day 1 - 04:00
- you very likely have to get the additional key for the Siren shack - in
  any case it's recommended for fastest time.
- you must turn the marker over (for Reiko's Day 1 - 23:00 MO2 and Kyoya's
  Day 3 - 23:00 MO2)

Risa's Day 1 - 22:00
- you don't have to unlock the chute (for Shiro's Day 2 - 00:00)
- you don't have to kill Mina in either of the objectives
- you don't even have to use the fire extinguisher or pick up the umbrella
  to pass her when doing MO2
- you don't have to use the window ledge in MO1

Harumi's Day 2 - 17:00
- you don't have to get the toy monkey. (you can pass Harumi's Day 3 -
  00:00 MO2 easily without it.)

Harumi's Day 3 - 00:00
- you must unlock Kondo's house's back door (for Tamon's Day 3 - 03:00)
- you don't have to use the sign at the beginning of the level
- you don't have to use the laughing bag
- you don't have to use the alarm clock in order to pass MO2

Reiko's Day 1 - 02:00
- you must get the candles with Harumi (for Reiko's Day 1 - 23:00 MO2)
- if you already have the candles, you can skip the first part of this
  level by running straight to the faculty room

Reiko's Day 1 - 23:00
- don't forget the lighter
- you don't have to get the cassette tape
- you have to release the hand brake of that one car (in order to pass
  Tomoko's Day 2 - 06:00 MO2). And it's fastest that way in any case.

Akira's Day 1 - 08:00
- you must switch the track (for Naoko's Day 1 - 19:00 MO2)
- you must overturn the marker (for Reiko's Day 1 - 23:00 MO2 and Kyoya's
  Day 3 - 23:00 MO2)
- you never have to push the trolley or get the wire cutters or even enter
  the Siren shack

Akira's Day 1 - 16:00
- you must 'Hide' Yoriko in a certain place in order to activate a cutscene
  (for Tamon's Day 2 - 10:00 MO2)
- you don't have to make Yoriko 'Act as a decoy!' in order to pass the
  last sniper

Tomoko's Day 1 - 17:00
- you don't have to fling the coins or ring the bell
- you don't have to enter the police car or do anything with it

Tomoko's Day 2 - 06:00
- you most likely don't need the toy monkey (as Harumi's day 3 - 00:00
  is passable without it)
- it would be the fastest if you could finish both of the times you go
  through this level via the shortcut Reiko can create at her Day 1 - 23:00

Naoko's Day 1 - 19:00
- you must get the library card (for Naoko's Day 1 - 22:00)
- if doing MO2, you must push the trolley. While the level is manageable
  even without pushing it, the game won't register it as a MO2 victory.
  (thanks KurtKokaine4)
- if doing MO1, you don't have to touch any of this level's keys or the
  trolley or the gun.

Naoko's Day 1 - 22:00
- you don't have to kill Eiji in any case (even though it's easier to
  kill him)

6. A true low% route

This section came from quite a lot of research I did lately while planning a
low% speedrun. I'm not certain if it ever will be completed, but even if not,
here are my discoveries for future gamers who are insane enough to try to best
Siren in the most minimal way possible.

Not only are you required to skip as much of the items, events, archives, etc.
as possible, you will only get to the "first" ending. That will suffice. Because
basically, after seeing it we already know that the player did enough things for
Kyoya to... you know. Even if it gameplay-wise does not make sense. And it has
credits too, chrissakes! It is an ending if there ever was an ending.

Another sort of low% run could be to Kyoya's Day 3 23:00, in which Datatsushi
finally gets what's coming to him. This would help get at least a decent closure
plot-wise, but for us who almost receive perverse enjoyment from desecrating
games' causalities, it would be a slightly redundant option.

This list is to my knowledge complete, but my knowledge isn't complete. I did
two playthroughs comparing results, and got this.

NOTE: Again, don't apply any of this in your game if you're new to Siren or wish
to see all the levels of the game eventually.

NOTE 2: For general speed strategies, check out the above sections.

1. Kyoya Yesterday
--- no-brainer

2. Kyoya D1 02:00
--- don't pick up storeroom key, even though it would waste no time

3. Tamon D1 02:00
--- don't bother doing ANY of the sidequests. You will skip all the levels in
    which they'd be useful (or mandatory) except Akira's D1 16:00 MO2, but it
    is manageable too.

4. Kei D1 05:00
--- no bothersome sidequests needed, run straight to the exit.

5. Kyoya D1 08:00
--- you should get the screwdriver during MO2 to not waste time going out of
    your way.

6. Akira D1 08:00
--- you must turn the track for Naoko.
--- this is the strategy I used: run straight out the tunnel. Jump down from the
    small opening inside the room. Shoot first sniper quickly. Run and change
    the track without killing anyone, run out without killing anyone, trick the
    second sniper, etc. The mid-part of the level is hard~ish to do without
    dying. If it's faster to kill than avoid, though, go ahead.

7. Kei D1 12:00
--- this is one of the biggest annoyances in the entire run. I assumed you could
    get the stone fragment sidequest while doing MO2, but it seems it isn't
    possible. This is because Tamon's D1 22:00 MO2 comes sooner up than this
    level's MO2, and you're stuck at Link Navigator if you don't do it now!

8. Shiro D1 03:00
--- obviously for a low% it would be the neatest to not get any items at all.
    unfortunately you must rule at gliding to have any chance of succeeding.

9. Risa D1 04:00
--- nothing to do here but escape. Glide for best results.

10. Kei D1 05:00 MO2
--- straight to the exit

11. Shiro D1 07:00
--- it's the easiest to open up the Rokkaku's house's front door during MO1,
    since it's pretty close to the exit. Nothing else is required.

12. Akira D1 08:00 MO2
--- nothing needed but normal completion

13. Naoko D1 19:00
--- for getting the library card you should use the japanise strategy. That is,
    activate the siren, hide for a bit (until the shibito comes out from Shaft
    No.3-East), run in there and get the card, run to the exit.

14. Tamon D1 20:00
--- Hide Yoriko during MO2, not now. Nothing else to note

15. Tamon D1 02:00 MO2
--- nothing to note

16. Reiko D1 02:00
--- do NOT get the candles, ya hear me? No need for 'em

17. Shiro D1 07:00 MO2
--- nothing to note

18. Kyoya D2 01:00
--- no sidequests needed. At all. This means: no storeroom, no sake bottle.

19. Naoko 19:00 MO2
--- nothing to note. Except that it's easier to not use the checkpoint for the
    later part of the level in my experience.


20. Reiko D1 02:00 MO2
--- nothing to note

21. Naoko D1 22:00
--- nothing to note

22. Shiro D1 03:00 MO2
--- for a true low% run, you will not get the phone card which would yield you
    an optional archive! This will slow you down, though.
--- for the quickest strategy I'm not completely set on.

23. Risa D1 22:00
--- easy... nothing to note.

24. Kyoya D1 08:00 MO2
--- closing the floodgate is mandatory as we know
--- however, another thing you must remember is the screwdriver (for Kyoya's
    01:00 MO2)

25. Tamon D2 18:00
--- nothing to note

(now you will get stuck unless you did the lock smashing sidequest during Kei's
 12:00 MO1. As I said, annoyance. Pure annoyance! Grrrr.)

26. Tamon D1 20:00 MO2
--- hide Yoriko, that's all
--- note that picking up the bullets goes against the rules. >:)

27. Akira D1 16:00
--- at this point, you can't complete the lesser objective of hiding Yoriko.
    However, you never even NEED to, so dost not worry.

28. Risa D1 04:00 MO2
--- nothing to note

29. Tamon D2 10:00
--- you needn't pick up the hose, so just quickly kill 'im.

30. Akira D1 16:00 MO2
--- even with the constraint it isn't TOO hard. At least with a good strategy.
    You're not in too much of a hurry if you don't let Yoriko run away from you.

31. Tomoko D1 17:00
--- nothing to note

32. Tomoko D1 17:00 MO2
--- complete it the exact same way you did MO1

33. Reiko D1 23:00
--- do the friggin' car-bridge. You will thank yourself (and me) later.

34. Kei D1 12:00 MO2
--- nothing much to note

35. Risa D1 22:00 MO2
--- easy, except with gliding

36. Tomoko D2 06:00
--- simply run to the exit using your brand-spankin' car-bridge! Yee-haw!

37. Harumi D2 15:00
--- nothing to note

38. Naoko D2 22:00 MO2
--- same old

39. Kyoya D2 20:00
--- finally, getting close to the end
--- nothing additional to do

40. Kyoya D2 20:00 MO2
--- nothing to note

41. Harumi 00:00
--- WTH, that's not the Kyoya we knew and loved!!!


Skipped levels:

- Kyoya's D1 02:00 MO2
- Kyoya's D2 07:00
- Kyoya's D3 23:00
- Tamon's D2 10:00 MO2
- Tamon's D2 18:00 MO2
- Tamon's D3 03:00
- Tamon's D3 22:00
- Kei's D3 12:00
- Kei's D3 16:00
- Shiro's D2 00:00
- Harumi's D2 15:00 MO2
- Harumi's D3 00:00 MO2
- Reiko's D1 23:00 MO2
- Tomoko's D2 06:00 MO2