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The half-building, half-forest Janokubi Valley. The roads for crossing the river get reduced to only one during this level, so you can be glad there'll be no more visits to this stage (chronologically). There's a checkpoint that activates when you fire up the wooden bridge - when retrying, your bullets are brought up to a full 34.

The level starts with a short in-game cutscene.

  • MO1: "Defeat sniper."
  • MO2: "Remember Akira Shimura."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Picking up a hose.

Tamon Takeuchi[edit]

He has a total of 34 bullets in this level.

Yoriko Anno[edit]

She's present, but not as your sidekick any more. This is the last time she'll be available at any of Tamon's levels. You can't manipulate her in any way. She'll only lie where she lies, dying from the slightest of damage. She occasionally says "Oh, professor... I'm scared." while sobbing, or "Ugh, professor!" or just gasps around.

Akira Shimura[edit]

He's your antagonist in this stage. He takes six bullets to go down, more than any other enemy in this game. He wields a sniper rifle. You'll notice that he runs with the speed of some accursed shibito brain. A lot faster than you, even though he stops sporadically to turn or for some other unknown reasons.

His route is this: he stays put in some pre-set location. First he watches straight forward - usually to a large length of road by which he can easily see if Tamon is approaching. After a long while of surveillance he'll look slightly to his right, then to his left. Then he starts the route anew, sometimes after turning 180°. (It depends on the location.)

If he sees Tamon, he'll start to shoot at him. He fires a couple of shots, usually two or three, before leaving instantly with his amazing spurring speed to the next pre-set location. He runs a full circle in this level, if you let him: from the phone booth to the northern side of the level, to the ore processing plant and from there again south and from there to the phone booth. Or the other way around, depends on where you approach him. The game recommends you to set the other bridge on fire: after he's escaped from you the first time, he'll get stuck and the fight ends, one way or another, at the burning bridge. But the level can be finished without setting it on fire anyhow.

He never heals! You can shoot him five times and wait an hour – he'll still die by the last shot.

The wooden bridge[edit]

When you light the bridge on fire, you'll lose one bullet during a cutscene. Tamon'll shoot at the planks even if your gun has no bullets in it - however, if you have no bullets at all, even outside the gun, you're not able to activate the cutscene. If you had unequipped the gun before the cutscene, it'll be re-equipped after the cutscene.

After the bridge is burning you've activated a checkpoint. As you might've guessed, the bridge lies unpassable as well. As with the burning car in one of Kyoya's levels, the flames do not hurt the player-character or anyone else.

Other interesting things[edit]

  • Beyond Miyata's car there still resides the beefed up crawler from other levels. He kills Tamon in one hit, and takes three shots to go down - and he'll not budge between any of the shots, constantly running towards you with his formidable speed. But he's not that difficult to kill with a gun.
  • After MO2 is open and doable, in the opening cutscene Yoriko will show a picture to Tamon.
  • Before MO2 is open and doable, the ending cutscene will have the Akira recognize Tamon, but have Tamon say nothing but "What?"