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The hospital. There's a checkpoint that activates when you take the "key to the courtyard." When retrying, your amount of bullets is brought back to a thin 8.

  • MO1: "Pick up Yoriko Anno's trail."
  • MO2: "Find album."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Picking up a record player needle (not mandatory).

Tamon Takeuchi[edit]

He starts this level with his flashlight, the usual .38 calibre revolver (with a total of 16 bullets) and a hose (if you picked it up at the previous level).

Mina Onda[edit]

She's situated at the underground lab from where you enter via the courtyard. She's noisily fiddling with Yoriko's glasses, you may sightjack her and see for yourself. You can't reach her or turn her attention towards you until you've activated the cutscene in which you meet her (opening the lab door).

She still has a shovel as a weapon. It kills Tamon in only one hit. Her strangle is bearable this time, because unlike in Risa Day 1 - 22:00, she'll step away if you shake yourself off her grasp.

If you suddenly escape the fight and return to the courtyard, Mina'll not follow you. Instead, she'll stay down there, turning her head around erratically and making the evil bubbling noises she always makes. She'll never follow you up.

She takes five shots to go down.

Yoriko's glasses[edit]

You must examine the table where these are in order to pass the MO1. You can't examine them as long as Mina is alerted. In the ensuing cutscene, you'll hear the name "Yoriko" pronounced as it is in the Japanese version - it's a piece of undubbed dialogue.

The forceps[edit]

Unlike other special one-time use items, these do not disappear even after you've got the key with them.

Emergency alarms[edit]

You see these lining up the corridors, but none of them work. Not even the one Risa used.