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It's Arato, after Datatsushi's remodeling.

The only level in this game where you'll play with two different characters. There's a checkpoint available at when you switch characters. This is the only level in the game in which you can't do Time Attack in.

There's an in-game cutscene at the start.

  • MO1: "Arrive as Kyoya Suda, at the gate to The Nest's core."
  • MO2: "Penetrate gate to The Nest's core as Kyoya Suda."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Open up a floodgate.

Tamon Takeuchi[edit]

He has a record player needle. Not suitable for poking shibitos though. And even that's only if you had picked it up at Tamon Day 2 - 18:00.

Steel pipe[edit]

An adequate replacement for Takeuchi's bygone revolver. The range is not bad, and neither is the damage.

Revolver shibito an phones[edit]

There are two phones in this level, one in the clothes shop, another one at Matsukawa's shop. You have only one phone number available, (you'll see it through sightjack) and it coincidentally leads to the Matsukawa's shop. Consequently, you may only make this call from the clothes shop's phone.

You can't use the phone without the flashlight. After you've chosen to "Make phone call," you'll be treated to a model of an old-fashioned phone. After dialing the correct number, you'll start hearing a telephone ring at the other shop, and the nearby revolver shibito's route is changed: he'll go check the ringing phone out. He eventually picks up the receiver, but he'll not speak there endlessly. He'll stick for a minute or so, before politely hanging up and going back to his post.

If you try to call to the phone again while it's already calling, the game says "It's ringing," or "Someone's speaking from the other end." and prevents you from doing anything further.

An interesting thing with the revolver shibito is that he'll follow your route to absurd lengths, even after his alerted state of mind calms down. You can go to the room with the record player, and then find out that he's still coming after you! This tends to happen only if you pass the shibito by without making the local call.

If you wish to witness some interesting things with the phone, try sightjacking or using the FPV right after you've chosen to "Make phone call." If you sightjack, the game will keep the camera angle the way it was before Tamon used the phone, now only showing an empty room with the phone's numbers shining mysteriously by themselves. In addition, you can move around with the invisible character model - looks especially cool if you have the flashlight on. Unfortunately the game prevents you from leaving the phone. The game doesn't have an invisible boundary around the area, but instead, the player-character is "nailed" down to the ground. There may be something more to this, as Tamon can still move by gliding. If you are in FPV, the angle in which you're stuck using the phone is the same one as it was during the last frame of FPV, usually very crooked and even worthless. Whenever you press Circle button, this mode ends. Note that nothing interesting happens even if you call the number successfully and activate the cutscene while you're invisible, etc.

The record player[edit]

You need the "Record player needle" to operate it. You may attach it even while a shibito is alerted. As well as you can activate the record player even while a shibito is alerted.

After this, a cutscene activates. The nearby revolver shibito's route is changed: he'll come straight away inside the house and check out the record player. After that he'll turn and examine the poster of the pop singer for an eternity.

You can get past the aforementioned revolver shibito without touching the record player at all, so no worries.

Kyoya Suda[edit]

He starts the level only carrying his flashlight. Yes, no poker!

You could consider his segment as a separate level altogether: most (if not all) of the sightjackable shibitos are different, your sightjacking hotkeys are cleared, and your inventory has changed.

Hunting rifle[edit]

The glorious weapon you get to acquire during this level. It's different from Akira's rifle, holding only five bullets within. It's just as deadly, though. With it comes 35 "7.62 x 51mm bullets."

The large warehouse at the end[edit]

Before you enter far enough to activate the cutscene, you can shout outside it and lure at least one of the crawlers outside. Unfortunately the enemies of the next special section (on MO2) are completely different from those you have there now, and this random act of violence serves no purpose.

When completing MO2, you'll encounter a darkened up part in which you're supposed to run between two crawlers to a green cross that shines in the distance. Kyoya has utterly lost his flashlight – the shameful fact can be verified by entering the inventory and seeing for yourself. At this part you may not use the sightjack, even though you still have in-game menu options such as "Shout." You can also whip out your rifle and start shooting at every lighted up target you see. But you can leave the area in only one direction, so just finish the level when you feel like it.