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It's still Arato. It would be the best to rather call it "Someplace inside The Nest," but the game insists on keeping the title Arato.

There are no checkpoints available, even though this is a pretty long level.

  • MO1: "Find charred remains."
  • MO2: "Reach Takeuchi residence."

Tamon Takeuchi[edit]

Even though the preceding cutscene showed him somehow in deep confusion, he's really not harmed and instead functions just as well as normally.

His inventory is: a steel pipe.

In general about the boss fights[edit]

  • Both of the shibitos in question exist in the level even before you encounter them. You just can't attract their attention in any way.
  • At the beginning of the battle there's a small cutscene after which both the enemies' locations and Tamon's direction is changed.

Naoko Mihama[edit]

Naoko's turned into a dog shibito while no one was looking. There's a small cutscene after which the fight starts.

It's possible to avoid this fight completely. You never have to fight her - it's just a matter of convenience, as there's a large height to climb before you can exit the area. With some luck you can climb up nonetheless. It's best to climb up from the left side of the box, because that's where Naoko can't easily reach you with her attacks. She tends to get stuck at the garbage near that place. It's good to note that while she can easily follow you over the high box, she'll never come to the other side. Instead, she turns around and drops back down.

She takes four strong hits with the steel pipe to go down. After you've defeated her, she'll rise again eventually. But it tends to take several minutes. After rising up she goes to feast on the scraps of food near the empty cylinders or just runs around happily, in any case not bothering you for the rest of the game.

Reiko and the crawler[edit]

The second match of this level takes place in a large playground of sorts. There's a short cutscene before the actual fight. As the fight starts, Tamon's direction is changed towards the playground, and both Reiko and the crawler are teleported to new locations.

Reiko's wielding a small handscythe, it seems. She doesn't run but instead walks with very small and quick steps - a creepy sight for sure.

After you've damaged her enough and she gets knocked out, a cutscene will activate. Afterwards she's dropped dead in the middle of the playground, having teleported both you and her there simultaneously. The crawler dies at the same instant if he's not already dead, Reiko being a sort of semi-brain after all. The crawler is the only enemy that gets knocked out with her. You can see a cassette tape laying on the ground that can be picked up. She'll eventually get up from her knocked out state, but additional defeats yield you nothing of importance.

You can lure the crawler away from Reiko before you witness the cutscene. Go as near as possible without activating the scene, then shout away. The crawler emerges behind the corner soon, and you can finish him off there and then, separately. His location changes when the actual battle with Reiko starts; he's soon at the middle of the playground, still dead.

You don't have to fight Reiko at where she's found. You can lead her away from the large playground, and instead fight her at some more cramped space where the crawler is rendered ineffective. (Such as the staircase of the car parts shop.) Another good place is beyond the playground, behind a small fence. You can attack Reiko through it, but the crawler can't hit you. And Reiko occasionally wastes some time trying to go around it, instead of trying to attack you.

Like Naoko, Reiko will never pass the box near the car parts shop. She'll not even climb it. She just meanders around futilely, eventually getting inside the car parts shop and then leaving again.

If you're out completing the mission objective 1, you needn't bother with actually fighting Reiko. You can simply run past her and reach the small, hard-to-find alley where you'll find the "charred remains" and instantly finish the level. For mission objective 2 - well, it too can be completed without fighting Reiko and acquiring the cassette. So if you don't wish to bash Reiko's head in for some reason, you don't have to.

The sign you must drop, a bug[edit]

In order to reach the central crossroads, you'll have to break the ground by dropping a sign down. If a shibito is under the sign when you drop it, he drops down to the sewer level with the breaking ground, but he won't even die in the crash.

If you retry or die after dropping the sign, the shibitos on this level still think that the ground is broken. They'll not step on the "brittle planks," but instead just meander by the side and start dancing in a small fit of desperation. Try it out with Reiko.

The central crossroads[edit]

It's Tamon's destination during MO2. There are a crawler and a sniper there, so being able to climb to the exit is not possible without distracting or killing either or both. The game has provided you a knockable signpost for this purpose. You have two options, they are shown via the in-game menu: you can knock it over like that, or tie some cassette tape tape to it (if you have some) so that you can knock it over from down in the sewers. They both have a different outcome: in the first one you'll attract both the sniper's and the crawler's attention, but the sniper doesn't move away from his location. In the latter one the sniper moves away from his post, as does the crawler, and they both go examine around the fallen sign. After a minute the sniper comes back to his position, the crawler stays near the sign forever.

You can finish this objective without acquiring the cassette tape or touching the sign. It's just one sniper and a crawler after all.