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The ghostly Karuwari. Nothing special here, except that there’s a special effect of some sparkles all around during this level. Also, it’s the last visit here chronologically.

  • MO1: "Reach road to church."
  • MO2: "Reach road to church without being discovered by Shibito."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Finding and picking up a toy monkey (not mandatory).

Tomoko Maeda[edit]

She has literally lost everything. Nothing in the inventory.

By this point you probably have noticed her very unprofessional shouting voice.

Your enemies[edit]

They won't attack you during this level. They get alerted, they shout, they sometimes follow you, even off the highest of ledges, but they never attack.

Naoko Mihama[edit]

She has a small hand-scythe or something similar equipped. The same weapon Reiko has later. Unfortunately you won't get to see her in action because there's nothing she wants to attack during the level.

Like other special shibitos, she has taunts. "Won't you look at me, please." (sometimes said twice), "Everlasting youth...", "Tell me I'm beautiful!" and a couple of insane laughs. Also, she has the most grotesque normal breathing voice (heard during sightjack) of any shibito in this game.

Naoko tends to follow Tomoko around if she gets too close to her and doesn't run away too fast. She will jump down the large chasm (where the shibito brain is) if you jump first. But even she has her limits: she won't follow you over the felled old tree.

Old tree[edit]

You have the option to push it over. In fact, if this is your first time around, you probably have to push it over. Afterwards the small gap on the ground is crossable and the nearby crawler alerted. So you can't complete MO2 if you push the tree.

The scooter[edit]

No, you don't get to drive with it. It has a "toggle switch" option which will alert all the level's shibitos nearby. Some of them take their time, some are faster. Afterwards Naoko isn't as interested in following Tomoko as she used to be, in addition to all of the shibitos staying near the scooter indefinitely.

An interesting thing to note is that if you hadn't felled the old tree earlier, Naoko is the one who will do it. Sightjack her the instant you have toggled the switch. She has teleported next to the old tree, and she pushes it over as if she had pushed old trees over all her life.

Other things of interest[edit]

  • If you check out your map, you see that there's a conspicuous red mark on the southern path leading to the church after you've gotten near/examined the chasm. It disappears after you fell the old tree. But, it never disappears if you let Naoko fell the old tree!
  • Unlike in Reiko Day 1 - 23:00, the old tree is a completely functional wall now.
  • You get to see the elusive Tsuchinoko during this level. While standing on top of the abandoned truck's roof, turn towards the trench's northern side and examine it with Cross button. You hear a strange sound. Look down and you'll see the creature hopping around for a moment, before disappearing again. If you hadn't gotten the archive 064 before, you get it while doing this.