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Sky Hunter challenge 7.png

Note: When you choose one of the animals' names in the Archimedes version, a picture of that animal will obscure the cage you had selected guess for; however, if the animal you chose is not the one living in that cage (a wrong guess), it shall disappear again once you have pushed Space to continue.

At the start of this challenge, four cages will appear on the screen as the text "The children are in the zoo." appears below them; once you have pressed Space to continue the text "There are homes for the animals, but no names on their homes." shall appear at the bottom of the screen. Once you have pressed Space again, the text "Here are the names." shall appear at the bottom of the screen as the names of twelve animals (kangaroo, otter, owl, lizard, ostrich, worm, snake, giraffe, gorilla, penguin, frog, and bat) appear at the top of it - and the text "The children want you to help them put the names on the homes." shall then appear at the bottom of the screen. Once you have pressed Space for a third time, the text "Choose a home." shall appear at the bottom of the screen; once you have chosen a cage, the game will ask you "Do you want a clue or a guess?", but the only way of finding out which animals live in the cages without clues is by trial and error, so the first two times you choose clue for a specific cage, a clue will appear under it, and you will have to press Space to continue (but if you try it a third time, the game shall say "Sorry. The animal is hiding!"). Once you know which animal lives in a specific cage you will have to choose guess the next time you choose it - and once you have chosen one of the animals' names, it will appear above the cage (if your guess was right the text "Good guess." or "Well worked out." will appear at the bottom of the screen, but if it was wrong, the text "Bad guess." or "Good guess, but it's not right." will appear instead, and you'll have to press Space to continue, or remove the wrong name). Although the animals that live in the cages are randomly-generated, one of them shall always be gorilla (clues: It has hairy skin and It has hands) as a lead-in to the next challenge; once you correctly guess which animals live in all four cages the texts of "Thank you for putting the labels on the homes." and "That was very helpful." will appear at the top and bottom of the screen. Once you push Space for between an eighth and twelfth time the game will proceed to the eighth challenge - and this one may take a little longer to complete, on account of it is a virtual version of an eight-tile sliding puzzle.