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Sky Hunter challenge 12.png

Note: This challenge is unlike similar ones from the two earlier Look and Read games, where you had to answer a certain amount of questions correctly before answering a certain amount wrongly; instead, you'll have to choose what you believe is the correct answer to each question (and once you have done so, it will be displayed on the screen). At the end, the ticks and crosses that appear on the screen will tell you which answers are right and wrong.

At the start of this challenge, a notepad will appear on the screen, with the text "The children have gone to the police station and the police have caught Badger and Mr. Trim at the boat-house." beneath it; once you have pushed Space to continue the text of "The police have asked the children to help them by answering some questions." will appear at the bottom of the screen. Once you've pressed Space again, the text "The children have decided that Trevor will answer the questions, and you are going to help him." will appear, at the bottom of the screen - and once you've pressed Space for a third time, the text "Do your best to answer all the questions correctly. Jackie and Butch will be checking all your answers later." will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Once you have pressed Space for a fourth time, the first multiple-choice question will appear; once you have chosen what you believe is the correct answer, the question's description and your chosen answer will appear on the notepad. After the twelfth question, the text "Jackie and Butch will check your answers." shall appear at the bottom of the screen - and once you have pushed Space for a fifth time, a tick will appear to the right of every correct answer while a cross shall appear to the right of every wrong one. If you got between 0 and 9 right, the text "Jackie and Butch think that you need to have another go at answering the policewoman's questions." will appear at the bottom of the screen and you shall have to press Space to return time back to when the notepad was still blank; however, if you got either 10 or 11 right the text "Well done. Jackie says that you got nearly all the answers right." shall appear, and if you got all 12 right the text "Congratulations! Butch says that you got all the answers right. Definitely!" will appear. Once you have got between 10 and 12 questions right and pushed Space for a sixth time, the three children shall appear on the screen as the "Sky Hunter" flies into view from the right side of the screen, back to the right and off the left side of the screen - and the text "Well done. Thank you for helping the children so well. You have helped to save the falcon and catch the bird thieves, and now your adventure is over." shall now appear below the children. Once you've pushed Space for a seventh time, the game shall ask you "What would you like to do now?" with two options (Play the adventure again, and End the program) below it; if you choose the former, the game shall return to its title screen, but if you choose the latter, it will return to the BBC Micro command prompt or whatever version of RISC OS your Archimedes is running (as already mentioned on the Walkthrough page, the latest version of that operating system at the time the game was released was 3.00, but it ran on all subsequent versions until 3.71 in 1997). The Look and Read series would also go on to continue exclusively on the Acorn Archimedes and RISC PC with Earth Warp (1993), Spywatch (1996) and Captain Crimson (1997) - however, its final title, The Legend of the Lost Keys (1998), was released on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh as well.