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Sky Hunter challenge 1 intro.png

Note: If you are playing the Archimedes version, the characters will say "That's not right, have another go." if you should type their names in incorrectly.

At the start of this challenge, Jackie will appear at the top of the screen, with the text "Hello! I am Jackie." to her right; once you have pressed Space to continue, Butch will appear below her with the text "My name is Butch." to his left. Once you have pressed Space again, Trevor will appear below him, with the text "I am Trevor." to his right - and once you have pressed Space for a third time, the text "We are the children you are going to help." will appear below him. Once you've pushed Space for a fourth time the text "There are two other people to meet, Mr. Trim and Badger." will appear upon the screen with Mr. Trim to its left and Badger to its right; after you push Space for a fifth time the text "You will also meet a very special bird." will appear below them, as a peregrine falcon (the eponymous "Sky Hunter") flies into view from the left side of the screen, back to the left, and off the right side of the screen, as the nine letters of its name appear behind it (in the Archimedes version, its name lowers down into view from the top of the screen before it flies into view from its left side). Once you have pushed Space for a sixth time the five human characters will appear on the screen with the text "Would you like to see their names again?" and two options, Yes and No, below it - and once you've selected No (for selecting Yes shall cause time to return back to the start of the challenge), the text "Now see how many characters you can remember." will appear below them, and you will have to push Space to proceed to the second part of this challenge. The text "Re-arrange the following letters to name this character." will now appear on the screen with the scrambled letters of one of the human characters' names and the character in question below it, as this character asks you "What is my name?" and a cursor flashes to its right (however, in the case of Mr. Trim, the "Mr." in his name is already present to the right of that question, meaning you'll only have to type in the "Trim"); once you have typed it in, the character will either say "That's right!", "Well remembered!" or "What a good memory you have!", and you will have to press Space to continue (however, if you type it in wrongly, they will say "That's not right!", and you'll need to press Space to return time back to when they first asked you what their name was). Once you have done this for all five human characters, the text "Well done! You have remembered all of the names." will appear above the last character - and once you press Space for the thirteenth time, the game shall proceed to its second challenge (which involves helping Jackie catch fish by selecting them to make different words).