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Skylands! A place of wonder and amazement. A lively world of good and evil, protected by Skylanders, special heroes who save Skylands most of the time. They are commanded by Portal Masters. You have become a Portal Master yourself, but trouble is arising. One hundred years ago, the eruption of Mt. Cloudbreak began, only to be taken over by a evil woman (and soon to be mother of Kaos). Just then, the Skylanders came in time. They stopped the evil, but got caught in the ancient eruption. The explosion gave the Skylanders there a amazing new ability: They could now be able to swap top and bottom torsos, and thus the SWAP Force was born!

But these Skylanders were sent across the world, and ended up to you! Just in time, you have come to stop evil from arriving!

The game will start off with Flynn (you might recognize him from Spyro's Adventure) and his volcano hat. He loses the hat, to find out that a girl on a bird. The girl gets Flynn to fly into the volcano. Some bad guys were chasing her, so they would lose them in the volcano.

Chapter 1: Mount Cloudbreak[edit]

Mount Cloudbreak Area[edit]

The cutscene will end, and the ship will swerve downward. Place your Skylander here. After a while, the ship will crash into a streak of rock. Clear the wreckage with B button. Soon, the first enemy will appear. These are called Chompies. Just hack away with B button again. Get them all, and later, Greebles will appear. These are moblin like minions. Attack them. Little of them will appear, so keep kicking them out of the ship. After a while, you'll crash land.

Flynn's Ship Crash Site[edit]

Before you head to Flynn and Tessa, head downwards to get Flynn's Missing Stuff (1/5). Talk to Flynn and Tessa, then head right.

The Overgrowth (Fire)[edit]

Here is the first elemental boost. Here, fire types are more powerful. Be sure to use Blast Zone if you got the Starter Pack. Jump up with A button. Nearby, you'll meet a fence. Destroy it with your attack buttons. Head on to the guy in the cage. As soon as he stops talking— Wheeeeee.

Trapping Pit (Fire)[edit]

Well, we have faced a Battle Gate. Battle Gates are only opened until all the enemies are dead. Chompies will appear, so beat all of them up. When you are done, the gate will open. Head forward.

Tangled Thicket (Fire)[edit]

First off, turn left to open the first Treasure Chest (1/3). Tessa will talk to you about some extremely worthless info. Thanks.....

Head up the area for the next enemy. *In deep voice* Greeble Screwball! Screwballs have ranged attacks. They shoot rocks. They get annoying in the start, but it gets easy. You'll know where the rock "of doom" will land because of a target. Move out of it, and attack. Head foward until you reach the cages to the next area. Don't follow that path, but go left under the ledge to get Flynn's Missing Stuff (2/5). Now go to the cages. Defeat the Greebles on the bridge here. Destroy the fence here and you will meet people in cages. Hahah, I tried ignoring them. Use Minus button then circle the circle pad or left circle counterclockwise to open the gate. Jump on the gates, and head on.

Kill the Chompies and Greeble Screwballs, and head right to get the key. Use the interact button and the gate will open.

Elemental Gate Hub[edit]

Welcome to the Elemental Gates here. There are two here. Elemental Gates can only be opened with the Skylander type/s shown on the gate. You can tackle both of them if you got the Starter Pack. Let's see the left one. The Life one.

Prickly Pastures (Life)[edit]

In order to tackle this area, you'll need a Life type Skylander. If you bought the Starter Pack, well, get Ninja Stealth Elf out.

The guy will mention that he lost his sheep and he's too scared to pass some deadly spikes here. Jump on the ledges, destroy the cages, kill the Greebles, avoid the spikes. This area is easy. Lt. Woalf will show himself as the only voice acting Greeble, so kill his army and him himself. Open the gate of the last sheep, and you'll spawn back to the guy. You'll receive your first Hat, the Stovepipe Hat! See these pages of Hats, the first part and the second part.

Elemental Gate Hub[edit]

Onto the next Gate; The water/fire element area. You'll need a SWAP Force figurine, but if you got the Starter Pack, you'll be able to combine Wash Buckler and Blast Zone to make Wash Zone or Blast Buckler. Easy!

Canopy Hot Springs (Water)[edit]

Here, Water types have the advantage. Once you enter and head left, you'll see some bounce pads. Just get on them and you'll jump! A few have coins, a few are needed to continue. Once you have reached the end, you'll get a present! This is your first Legendary Treasure! The Mostly Magic Mirror (MOSTLY magic!) See the list of Legendary Treasures.

Elemental Gate Hub[edit]

Once you are done with these areas, we'll go to the part up north.

Old Treetop Terrance (Earth)[edit]

There's a chance that you might not have a Earth type, but if you have the Dark Starter Pack, there's a Earth type in there, so go ahead and use it. Up ahead are some blocks with arrows on top of it. Look at the arrows to see where the block can be pushed. This block needs to be pushed three time forward, so do so to open the path.

Push the first block on the left that you see forward until you can jump on it. Head over to the platform to get the first Soul Gem (1/2). Soul Gems unlock the costiest upgrades for a Skylander. See the page on all Soul Gems here.

Push the other block here right two times, and the path will be open. Head over the stone bridge and head straight right for another of Flynn's Missing Stuff (3/5). Head left and back up and kill the Screwballs and Chompies. Once you are done, head right for the first Story Scroll.

Magic Pyrotechnics
Diggs the Molekin said the the eruption of Mount Cloudbreak is one of the most spectacular displays of magic in all of Skylands. He also theroized that staring at it for too long might actually cause severe blindness.[1]

Story Scrolls provide trvial info of Skylands. They're pretty fun to read in my opinion. Keep on the path until you reach this area with a symbol over it. This is a SWAP Zone. Here, a SWAP Skylander with the matching symbol will get fired up. Here is a Rocket SWAP Zone.

Rocket SWAP Zone (Woodburrow)[edit]

Two SWAP Skylanders can access this Zone. Boom Jet and Blast Zone. Blast Zone comes with the Starter Pack. Here, you'll have to navigate through rocks in a limited time. On easy mode, these rocks barely do any damage. You'll also meet red jewels, which reward you with Loot at the end. You can pass rings here that extend your time. Once you reach the blue ring, you'll recieve a Greeble Hat, the second hat.

Old Treetop Terrance (Earth)[edit]

Opposite of the Zone is another Treasure Chest (2/3). Head left and onto the vine. Get the loot along the way.


You'll land on the first checkpoint. Head foward to meet the next enemy: A Chompy Pod. These release Chompies until defeated. They can be a pain sometimes. Defeat the pod and head left to the nearby cave here.

Honey Trove (Earth)[edit]

Welcome to honey heaven. Push the right most block up, then the left one right. Push the block left until you have access to the nearby Soul Gem (2/2). Push the block right until the bridge ends, then up a few for mor until it falls in the right place. Up there, get Flynn's Missing Stuff (4/5). Lesve the area and head past from where the Chompy Pod was.

Long Worn Hollow (Earth)[edit]

Turn left to the Element Gate. It's Air types only, so keep your attention elsewhere if you don't have a Air type...

Bulwark Overlook (Air)[edit]

Just talk to the nearby guy over here. Welcome to the first shooting area! Shoot down the nearby bombers. They will shoot you too, but destroy the missles before they can arrive. Use a Skylander with lots of health. Once you finish, you'll get a Winged Saphirre. These awesome things lowers down the price by 2%! Collect lots of them, then almost everything is free! Collect your fill of money here, then leave.

Long Worn Hollow (Earth)[edit]

Head to the first left. Enter the nearby cave.

Canopy Cave (Earth)[edit]

Here are a few Greeble Screwballs. Kill them all. Head to the top and get the Treasure Chest (3/3). Down there is a box with a Giant symbol on it. If you have a Giant from Skylanders: Giants, you can open this box. With some nifty treasure. Head back out.

Long Worn Hollow (Earth)[edit]

Head right, and push the first cage down, then the next one up. Head down to where the cage was, push it down, and jump up there to collect Flynn's Missing Stuff (5/5). Head back to where the cages were, and head right to the next SWAP Zone.

Climb SWAP Zone[edit]

Spy Rise and Blast Buckler (in the Starter Pack!) can use these zones. Climb up the wall, avoiding the rocks that are randomly falling. There are some fruits along the way to heal you. There are about three phases to this area. Once you reach the top, you'll be awarded with the Bonus Mission of Fruit Fight. You'll be able to use these maps in the future Head back and through the bridge at Worn Hollow.

Long Worn Hollow (Earth)[edit]

Save the prisoners here.

Gold Hewn Basin (Earth)[edit]

Kill the Screwballs here and get the key. Head back out and unlock the gate.

Knotted Heights (Water)[edit]

Kill the Screwballs here and head on the path. Use the vines and collect the loot.... Again. You'll land with such a force, the bad guys here will get killed. There is a Dig SWAP Zone here on the first left.

Dig SWAP Zone[edit]

Only Grilla Drilla and Rubble Rouser csn use this SWAP Zone. Here, you'll need to get the blue crystals here. There are three of them here. Try to get the right path. Once you have all three, you'll get the final Hat, the Life Preserver Hat.

Knotted Heights (Water)[edit]

Go right and kill the Chompies.

Woodburrow Landing (Water)[edit]

  • 5 Greeble Screwballs
  • 2 Chompy Pods
  • 4 Greebles
  • Number of Chompies depend

Here is a small battle. Defeat all these enemies. Kill the first two Chompy Pods to get them over with, then tackle the Screwballs. Take on the Greebles, then the Screwballs. Once you are done here, you'll unlock Woodburrow and finish the quest.

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