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Head through the tunnel behind the "Keep Out" sign, and Bentley will survey the land with you through the Binoc-u-com. In this first area the ladder is pointed out right away. The other way to get on the other side of the blocked gate is to use the trees and rope across from the ladder to get across. Head over to the water to pick up two clue bottles on the bridge, then jump to the ship and take out the enemy with the hammer. Wait for him to pound, then run up and hit him with your cane. Hit the mast behind the ship's wheel to knock down two more bottles, then head back out to the main area. Grab the bottle at the bottom of the ladder, then cross the area and jump on the trees for another two bottles. Use the rope to get over the fence where you'll find two more bottles.

On the other side of the fence is a watchtower and guy throwing yellow stars at the other end. Like the laser beams in the intro level, if the spotlights hit you, they'll turn red and the alarm will sound. Avoid the lights and break the red siren to turn off the security system. Run at the enemy and jump when he throws a star, then smack him with your cane. Before you leave the area, grab the two bottles on top of the pillars by the siren by jumping up there or breaking them with your cane. When you run through the archway past the guard, you'll hit the first checkpoint.

Continue up the hill, where you'll spot Raleigh's blimp. Head down the hill and take out the welder by waiting for him to blast fire your way, then going around it and smacking him. Pick up the two bottles on the branch off the side of the water and continue on. You'll need to jump while in the rushing water so you don't get swept away. In the next water section grab two more bottles, then head over to the hook tutorial. Jump up and use Circle button to grab the hook, then double-jump over the gate to continue on.

Keep jumping when you cross the spinning wheels and take out the hammer walrus on the other side. On the next set of wheels, walk in the opposite direction of their spinning until there is a clear section for you to jump across. Hit the checkpoint after the second set of wheels and keep moving down the path. Wait until the first set of spotlights cross, then run through them and take out the star thrower. Get through the second set of spotlights the same way, then break the red siren and get the clue bottle next to it. Go past the safe and jump across the wheels until your can grab the rope and climb back the way you came to a spotlight tower. Grab the two bottles on the platform there, then take the rope across to the next tower for the last two bottles. Drop down to the ground and head over to the safe to input the combination. When you have the pages from the Thievius Raccoonus, cross the wheels and break the case to get the key for the level and run over to the locked gate. Jump into the holographic marker to move on to the next level.