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Bust through the window and head out into the back alley. This level is somewhat of a side-scroller. Head around the corner and take out the dog, then grab the two bottles behind him before climbing the ladder up. Jump on the awning and break the sign above so you can get on the ledge. Break open the safe there, then use the next set of awnings to get to the highest level. On the left is a ledge with three bottles and on the right is ball and chain enemy. After him, use the air conditioning unit to bounce up and smash the hanging bottle. In the next section, use the ladder to get up to the ball and chain enemy above, who is guarding two more bottles. Go back down and head right, using the awning to spring over the spotlight to the ledge above. If you want a lucky charm, there's one at the very bottom of the level and the ladder brings you right back to this area.

Keep heading up the way you were going to a top ledge with two bottles on it, then use the awning to over and around the dog statues above the guards. Each of the three dog statues has a bottle you can collect. On the other side is a checkpoint, and section of spotlights you'll need to move through to get back down to the bottom. For the top section, jump into the middle section and use Circle button to hide while the spotlight passes, then jump to the next section and down a level. Next you'll just need to hide behind the walls to avoid the spotlight, then go down to the bottom where you can use the awnings to jump over the spotlight down there and break the security alarm. Jump over one more awning and break all the bottles going up and down the conveyor line before moving on.

Jump up to the top and you'll see a section with a bunch of air conditioning units and hanging bottles. You'll need to bounce from unit to unit breaking the bottles on your way down. There's no way back up, so if you don't get them all, you'll need to come through the level again. At the bottom, break through the glass and take out the ball and chain enemy on the first floor before grabbing the bottle and safe in there. When you have them, take the mattress up to the next level with a simple bat enemy and another bottle. The last mattress take you to the top where you'll find two more bottles behind a crate. Head down the beam going off the side of the building to get the last bottle, then go back over to the safe and input the code. Take the beams down to the key to finish the level.