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Muggshot wields two pistols that he fires in rapid bursts. This fight has three stages and to win each of them, you will need to expose Muggshot to concentrated sunlight. You can do so by flipping mirrors in each level by hitting them with your staff. When all the mirrors have been flipped, Muggshot will be lit up and his guns will be destroyed. Dying at any stage of the fight will result in starting over at the first stage.

Stage 1

This is a square area with mirrors along the outside edges. Muggshot will charge around to get to you and will fire when he gets a clean line of sight. Keep the crystals in the floor between the two of you for shields, and if you get caught out in the open, try jumping to avoid his blasts. He doesn't move in a set pattern, it actually depends on what you do, so you'll need to get good at avoiding him and try not to miss a mirror when you go to hit it. Open up all the mirrors and you'll damage him and move on to the next stage.

Stage 2

This stage is essentially the same as the first one, except the area is oddly shaped. The mirrors are still along the outside edges, but there is more open space and holes in the floor you'll have to jump over.

Stage 3

In the final stage, you will need to Ninja Spire Jump to the mirrors all around Muggshot while he stays in the middle and shoots toward you. If you're behind a mirror you'll be protected, but if it is facing him, it will spin back around. You will need to spin the mirror after he shoots it and then quickly jump over behind the next mirror so he doesn't spin the mirror away from him. While you're jumping between mirrors you'll exposed to his shots, but there is plenty of time to make it between volleys.