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Start off by heading to the left and behind you for a mini-safe with two clue bottles in it. Back on the main path, break the bottle over the first furnace, then go by when it's not blowing fire out. Jump up on to the second furnace and jump out over the path when the fire isn't blowing out to break the bottle hanging from the ceiling. After that, take out the hammer enemy and break the bottle over the bridge and well as the one over one of the fire grates in the hallway. In the next section, take out the welder, then jump on the pipe on the left and use it to jump up to the bottle above where you came into the area. On the same side as the pipe, you'll see some coal buildup that is great for coins when you break them, and also reveals more bottles. Over by the wooden wheel, jump up on the small piece of machinery on the right and break the bottle hanging there. You can either run on the wheel to turn get the hooks moving and take them around, or just jump up to the gears above from the top of piece of machinery. There are three bottle up on the gears and one on the other side by the hammer enemy. If you take the hooks, you'll need to jump on the pipe circling the tower at the end, then use the rings to get back over to the gears. At the end of the gears above the wooden wheel, you can take the bridge into the next section.

Hit the grates closed in the hallway, then grab the free charm on the next bridge before taking out the hammer enemy and the welder. Jump up on the pipes on the wall for two more bottles and up onto another pipe on the other side of the hallway before the next room for two more. In the next room, take out the welder, then grab the bottles in the mini-safe and the ones next to the two coal deposits. To get out of here, you'll need to run on the wooden wheel, but make sure you jump off when the spotlight comes to cover it. Keep jumping on and spinning it when there's not spotlight to activate the conveyor belts in the next area and eventually they will send a boulder down, breaking the grate next to the wooden wheel, allowing you to pass.

Go through the hole in the wall and start moving up the conveyor belts. Grab the two bottles on the first belt, while avoiding the spotlight that goes across the middle. There will be three more conveyor belts, all with spotlights going back and for across their middles. On the second on you can break two more hanging bottles after the spotlight, and on the last one, break the red siren, then come back for the two there. You have all the bottles now, but if you recall, the safe is at the very beginning of the stage. Grab the key and go back in again to get the safe open. Once you've opened the safe, you can run back out the way you came through the holographic marker instead of doing the whole stage again.