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The first of the Fiendish Five is Raleigh, who lives on the Isle of Wrath in the Welsh Triangle. You'll need to infiltrate through his outer perimeter first, before getting a glimpse of his hideout.

Prowling the Grounds[edit]

Head down the path and double-jump up the ledge, then keep going until you see Raleigh's ship. The ship is the hub for gathering the keys you need to make it up to the blimp. When you get over to the ship, you'll need to collect four more keys to unlock the power generator so you can destroy it. You can do the four stages in any order, and when you're done you'll come back out to the ship.

To start out, head over toward the ship and jump on the hook to be lowered down to the water. Jump across the debris floating in the water, picking up a charm along the way, and climb the ropes on the other side to Raleigh's ship. It's up to you which order you complete the stages.

  • Into the Machine: Right next to where you first climb up onto the ship.
  • High Class Heist: Up the walkway being patrolled by an enemy with a flashlight. Just wait for him to walk away from you, then run up and whack him.
  • The Fire Down Below: Head toward the generator and Bentley will tell you to spin the wheel nearby. Get on top of it and run toward the mast on the platform behind it and you'll spin the wheel, lowing the crow's nest. Jump in, then take the rings over to the tower and thief walk around to the entrance.
  • A Cunning Disguise: Take the path opposite the wooden wheel and climb the red pipe to the roofs. Jump across the roofs to where the flashlight enemy is patrolling and move from cover to cover while his back is turned to get to him.

When you've gathered all four keys, head over to the far side of the ship and use them on the locks, then bust the generator so you can go through the tunnel right next to it. On the other side, Bentley will tell you the only wait to Raleigh's is to shoot yourself out of the cannon. You'll need two more keys to do so:

  • The Gunboat Graveyard: Head up the spiral walkway to the roof, and jump across the chimneys to the other side where a flashlight enemy is patrolling. You can use the chimneys there as cover to sneak up on him.
  • Treasure in the Depths: Down the path across from the cannon, the way is blocked by three wooden gates. The star-thrower at the end will break them with his star, or you can jump around them. Avoid the stars and take out the bad guy to get into the stage.


With all seven of Raleigh's keys, you're ready to face the boss himself. Head over to the cannon to unlock it, and jump in to be shot up to his blimp.