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Box artwork for Snake's Revenge.
Snake's Revenge
Publisher(s)Ultra Games, Konami
Year released1990
SeriesMetal Gear
ModesSingle Player
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Snake's Revenge (also known as Snake's Revenge: Metal Gear 2) is a stealth-action video game developed by Konami for the NES in 1990. It was released the same year in North America by Ultra Games and in Europe in 1992, by Konami. The game is a sequel to Metal Gear (NES), released three years earlier. This game was never released in Japan and it was produced without the involvement of series creator Hideo Kojima, who has meanwhile developed another sequel for the MSX2 titled Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, which was released in Japan in the same year. As in the first game in the series, the player controls the secret agent Solid Snake during an infiltration mission into an enemy base, with the aim of destroying a new version of Metal Gear.


It's been three years since Solid Snake defeated Big Boss in Outer Heaven and destroyed Metal Gear. However, FOXHOUND has discovered that Ishkabibil, a hostile Middle Eastern nation under the rule of Higharolla Kockamamie, has come into possession of the Metal Gear plans and is building a new model. A prototype of the new Metal Gear and the nuclear arsenal would be located inside the Fanatic Fortress, the headquarters of Higharolla Kockamamie. FOXHOUND got this information from an undercover agent. Foxhound then sent a team of three men to the scene: Solid Snake, John Turner, master of the art of disguising and Nick Myer, an expert in weapons and explosives. Their mission is to destroy the new Metal Gear and eliminate Higharolla Kockamamie.

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