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Shots are used to attack players. You must 100G to buy a shot, which is found in a red shop. The title gives the name of the shot followed by the person who favours the use of the weapon while under CPU control.

Bombs (Slash)[edit]

Watch out when using this. Since the radius is big, avoid getting hit with this.

Slap Sticks (Nancy)[edit]

The Slap Stick attacks a player very fast. This makes the character stumble down to the ground in the forward direction.

Parachutes (Linda)[edit]

When using this, the player is carried in the air and slowly descends to the ground. When used before a big jump the person takes much longer to reach the ground. According to the background material, this weapon is the most effective weapon in the game.

Snowman (Tommy, Shinobin)[edit]

Possibly the fastest weapon in the game. This converts that person into a snowman, which makes the character not move unless you hit an obstacle.

Freeze Shot (Jam)[edit]

Freeze Shots temporarily turns that person into a block of ice. To be free, jiggle the Control Stick or press a button repeatedly.