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When crossing the finish line, the computer will automatically steer your character towards the lift-in. This option can be disabled.

New Board Designs[edit]

Along with the standard 14 paint jobs that were in the first game, Snowboard Kids Plus adds two more, pictured at right.

Bleach Booth[edit]

Unlike other games in the series, Snowboard Kids Plus gives you the shop option to dye each characters' hair one of eight different colors for 500G. While most options are solid colors, some actually come in patterns for certain characters (such as adding yellow streaks to Slash's black hair).

Wear Booth[edit]

Along with the Bleach Booth, the Wear Booth adds more opportunity to customize your characters (in this case with new outfits). There are five outfits in all for each of the ten snowboarders; the default counts as the first option, and the next three are readily available for purchase at the shop. The final alternate costume is sold after the other four have been acquired.

Event Viewer[edit]

Probably the biggest difference between the original game and Plus is the addition of cut scenes. While nearly all story scenes in the game consist of still pictures with voice overs, the introduction that plays when you first load the game is fully animated. You get a scene when you first start a new game, and whenever you complete the game with one of the characters. The first time you finish the game, you will be able to replay the credits as well. The Event Viewer is within the game's Option menu.