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Stage 1[edit]

Sokoban World stage 1 puzzle.PNG

This stage, like all beginning ones, is very simple. Move Box 4 down and move Box 3 to the left. This gives you room to push Box 1 to its spot, leaving the obvious Box 2 (push it to the right).

Stage 2[edit]

Sokoban World stage 2 puzzle.PNG

The next one's a little more complicated, but should still be simple. Push Box 2 four spaces down and then one space to the right. Then push it up one space and then push it all the way to the right, and up to the highest box position. This leaves Boxes 1 and 3. Having already positioned Box 2, this should be much simpler. Just do the same thing you did with Box 2 for both Boxes, and the level should then be cleared.