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  • Win building only level 1 turrets
  • Win building only laser turrets


  • Win building only utility turrets
  • Win building only lightening turrets

This map is a long-winding road from the beginning to the end. However, it is an excellent map for attempting to use lightening turrets, as enemies will have to travel in the winding path.

Early in the level, enemies will try hiding behind a heavier Rhino creep. While they do so, it is an excellent opportunity to use your support abilities to damage the enemies trailing behind.

Refueling Depot[edit]

  • Do at least 25% damage from support
  • Build only missile turrtes

In this map, enemies will attack from three directions. The two alternate paths will eventually feed into the shortest route, causing the attacking waves to become a mixed assault.

Cargo Outpost[edit]

  • Win using all of an Officer's support.
  • Win using only shotgun turrets.

While the approach path is winding, some locations are obstructed by buildings or other objects. This may make it difficult to place some minimum-range weapons.


  • Don't lose any colonists
  • Win building only railgun turrets.

The best choke point is the S-turn near the end of the level. From here, you can place highly-damaging turrets. If you aren't building Railguns, go for ones that have an area-effect or otherwise have high damage output.

If you prefer dealing with a slightly tighter cluster of enemies, try slowing down the ones coming from the closest and farthest landing zone.

This is also the first time you will see Gunships, which are flying shielded air units. Unlike other shielded units, you can't use EMP to remove the shielding. Instead, you may want to invest in anti-aircraft weapons.